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Quantum Key is a new spiritual impulse. 

Quantum Key followS on from the previous development of the Soul Necklace - which supported spiritual development through the soul's healing/expression in the world and then evolved into Portal, Seed and Galactic (exploring levels of inner connectivity)... yet it is completely new in its vibratory range and function. 


It is a stand alone energy device that helps strengthen your galactic presence inside the 3D matrix as a coherent field, whilst opening up limitless potential within.  This is done by connecting the wearer to source through the quantum field.  How the individual accesses the inner fractal spark is personal to the wearer, but for the Quantum Key to work correctly it is essential to lift one's awareness beyond the five physical senses and align and activate one's own merkabah or toroidal field.  The shift from personality identity to a state of all possibility is the state of consciousness where connection to the unity field can happen. 


In daily life, the Quantum Key holds the signature of the wearer at a frequency where awareness becomes elevated and accelerated.  This frequency is set organically by the intent and vibrational field of the wearer, consciously or unconsciously.  In meditation, it becomes your inner tuning fork... your key to the cosmos.

Freedom becomes all possibility.


  • The highly vibrational, custom cut centre stone is key to holding the activation energy for the whole piece.

  • Awakening is not uniform, and neither are you!  You are unique, and so is a Quantum Key.

  • A Quantum Key amplifies your core potential and connectivity to life and the cosmos. 

  • Your soul is the driver of the process, and you are responsible for the journey that unfolds once the energy is made manifest.

  • Quantum Keys are designed for sovereign beings who are self aware and consciously choosing to wake up.  They are not magic interventions designed to help you in spite of yourself, rather they are sacred to your intent.

  • Quantum Keys work visually as well as vibrationally,- impacting other folk as well as the wearer; a beautiful, interesting and dynamic wakeup call that promotes enquiry through engagement and helps to peel away illusion.



The Quantum Key creates a new opening for the individual - not a new story, smile - helping you

'live stream' in present time.  This in turn sets up a new resonance throughout the wider community, supporting a shift into greater awareness and connection with all life.


Soul Design's soul pieces speak to the heart and soul of both wearer and watcher. 


Margaret's approach when engaged is to open up her inner being and creating a clear communication space or hub in present soul time, giving form to the inspiration and direction received.  The impulse

is then downloaded onto the soldering block.

This conscious energy approach is our signature, clearly seen in the multi-dimensional symbology and unconventional designs of the Quantum Key; directly experienced as a shift in consciousness.



All soul pieces are channeled and hand crafted from start to finish in

Soul Design's workshop in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The manifestation process is one of awareness and integrity,

the beginning of a new journey into the unknown.



Soul Jewelry creation.

The Quantum Key Process


7 steps to your Quantum Key:

1.  Commission/deposit placed.
2.  We read your soul impulse and receive its unfolding energy blueprint.
3.  Your gemstones are sourced from different countries around the world.
4.  Confirmation when your gemstones have arrived and a time estimate for the physical process is emailed to you.
5.  The design is channeled and hand crafting (silversmithing) takes place.  
6.  Completion, photos, pick-up or courier.

7.  You meet and activate your new Quantum Key.  Life changes!

Hanging Lamp



DEPOSIT:  $500, balance upon completion

Quantum Key:  $1500 total  (includes deposit).

Courier within NZ:   $15.00 signature required. 

Shipping Globally:

Unavailable at present due to extremely

high (jewellery) courier costs and delays.

Our apologies for any disappointment this


Margaret Ninness doing her magic in the workshop.



All Soul Necklace materials are of the highest quality and gemstones are genuine and carefully selected.

We have a commitment to integrity and excellence that we proudly stand behind.

Work is guaranteed for three years after completion, providing your necklace has been looked after.

Gemstone selection
Calm Sea

How to Care for your Soul Necklace


  • Keep it protected in its presentation box when not in use.

  • Avoid swimming, showering or rinsing in salt or chlorinated water (or spa-ing in your necklace) as salt and chlorine can cause tarnishing and damage to some gemstones and metals.

  • Sleeping in your soul necklace is NOT recommended (the body needs down time and physical pressure might cause damage). Sporting activities require common sense, as do all other physical activities. Check prongs regularly for any sign of loosening and/or weakness through wear and tear.

  • Treat with awareness and TLC at all times.

How to Cleanse your Quantum Key (energetically)


To cleanse your Quantum Key energetically, the following Marcel Vogel technique is fast and effective:

1.  Connect to the earth and Source energy.  Enter a state of presence or inner alignment. 

2.  Hold your Quantum Key in front of your face and inhale through your nose. (This structures the oxygen ready for programming.) While holding the breath, focus and think/visualise a cleansing light. 


3.  Direct a forced exhale of the programmed breath through your nostrils (like sneezing) and straight through the gemstones. This will dissipate any undesirable energy or programmes that may have accumulated. Repeat if unsure or if you have multiple stones.


4.  Your Quantum Key is now cleansed and ready to work, radiating to its highest potential. If wearing daily, a weekly cleanse is recommended or more frequently if going through intense change.

Cleansing your Soul Jewellery


Rediscover your infinite potential


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