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Dan van Wylich. The Way.

The Way

In the direct experience there is the opportunity to simply observe one self. It becomes clear that 'I' is not the body. The same process can happen regarding the feelings and the thoughts. As 'I the soul' becomes aware that it is not the body, nor the feelings nor the thoughts it can start contemplating itself. At some stage a new realization may happen. The realization that 'I' is nothing but a holding pattern based on fear of non existence.


If the sense of 'I' is let go of, consciousness reveals itself as the source of being. It is very different from 'having' an experience of connectedness. Consciousness itself does not have a centre from which it operates. It is therefore omnipresent. As omnipresent consciousness is accepted, it is also seen as the source of creation.


Dan van Wylich

Calm Sea




Every now is unique

Staying with this ever changing moment means an ever changing approach

The Way is the constant inner revolution, the continuous adaptation to the evolving reality

Awakening doesn't reach a perfect goal

Awakening is a sudden flash of insight

Liberation is the process that comes after awakening

Paying attention is key, both to the process of the inner and the outer world,

until they merge into one unified reality

Experience is not needed

Experience is conclusions drawn from a perceived past

Nothing can prepare you for this moment

All you can do is let go of any opinion and arrive in the present

Allow the moment to define itself.

Bamboo Leaves
Stormy Skies
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