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Soul Necklace Testimonials



I am so happy. I adore this piece of spirit!

It's amazing... wow.

I feel so deeply connected to it. Thank you so, so much.


Yvonne xx

Yvonne Dyson Testimonial

My soul necklace and I have been together for around 8yrs now and it continues to bring me immense light, joy, insight, protection and balance.

I find that I still meet new angles and energies within it.

It is a sacred tool - and crystal friend! - that has enhanced my life quest.

I love it.


Ballentyne Haines

Linda Dowsett, Christchurch, NZ


Margaret - thank you for your divine craftswomanship!

Linda x


Linda Dowsett

Juliet Williams,  Okato, NZ

I love my Soul Necklace... it is a beautifully crafted, powerfully energetic piece. It has taken my journey next level...

I am looking forward to our future working together ❤

Juliet Williams Testimonial

Gina Haines, Christchurch, NZ


Hi Margaret

xxx I love my new necklace

Thank you!

Gina xx

Gina Haines

Diane Ammar,  Canterbury, NZ

Dear Margaret

Happy New Year

I love my necklace!!

I have had so many complimentary comments about my amazing soul piece and I love it.

It is me!

I hope you have a wondering year filled with love, happiness and creativity.

Warmest wishes



Diane Ammar Testimonial

Leah Richards,  Christchurch

Oh Margaret... I love my necklace soooooooo much!!!

My kids and others have been in absolute awe of it!


I was at the Feelers concert on Fri night (the day I got my necklace) at the speights ale house in Ferrymead, and saw a lady I know with her work mates - and one lady asked if I was wearing a Soul Necklace!  Small world :D

The effect this necklace has had on me is incredible... for example I have smoked since I was 12 and have decided to give up. It's been a week now and I feel amazing!

I am claiming a new life, and truly am grateful for the magic this necklace brings.

Hope you and Dan are well :D

Leah Xxx

Leah Richards Testimonial

Joanne French,  Geraldine, NZ

WOW. My Soul Necklace is stunning and I love it to bits. From the bottom of my heart I THANK YOU Margaret for the effort

and conscious energy you put into creating my one off, beautiful, magical work of art.

It was so exciting to receive regular updates, especially when they coincided with events in my daily life. I was counting down

the days and couldn't wait for the pick up date, to meet you, and to get the reading. Didn't matter if it was rain, hail, gale, sun

or snow I was driving up to be there!

Your talents are amazing and the whole process was managed with such professionalism. I think you guys are an amazing team.

Take care and many blessings....always

Love Jo xx

Joanne French

Jane Weggery,  Lower Hutt, NZ

Hi Margaret

Love love love my necklace and have been reflecting on the reading.

I would absolutely recommend this process to anyone Margaret. I feel I have made a very important investment in myself,

and as this piece was part of a big birthday present, it has felt even more significant. I had looked around at online jewellers

for a ring but am so glad I was drawn to have a soul necklace made.

I hope all is well with you


Jane Weggery

Meeting my Soul Necklace was a surreal experience and one I am having a hard time communicating.

I am in love with it... can't explain it... it's just 'me'.

My necklace has great depth which gives it extra beauty and has had so much attention already it's amazing.

I feel like it knows me and is being gentle with our integration.


Thank you from my heart. The experience exceeded any expectations (if I had any).

You are both amazing souls. It has been an awesome journey and really it's only just begun!

Love and light,  Alice  Xxxx

Alice Terry, Adelaide, Australia

Alice Terry Testimonial

Rae Davenport,  Sefton, NZ

When I received my Soul Necklace I had an immediate sense of recognition.

I felt supported; it was not just okay to be “me” but wonderful and amazing. There I was - represented in that necklace - and it was stunningly beautiful, bringing together different aspects of myself that had seemed separate before. And then I remembered to breathe!

When I put it on the reaction in my body was immediate. I felt I was being rinsed on the inside by intense energetic clarity. The previous “stuck in the mud” sensations I had been accepting as normal were replaced very quickly by a wonderful feeling of fluidity.

I am now moving through daily life in a more connected state, plugged into Source energy. I make decisions faster and easier. My interactions with others allow for and honour their own processes without my interference. I feel like a facilitator, simply pouring LOVE on others.

I am incredibly grateful to Margaret and Dan for the amazing work they do on our behalf.

Love and laughter, Rae xxx

Rae Testimonial

Gracce Stewart, Cust, Canterbury


When I received my new Soul Necklace I was actually very nervous. I knew that life as I knew it was not going to stay that way for much longer – and for Gracce, change wasn’t easily dealt with. I looked at the necklace in awe wondering if Margaret had made an error and it was meant for someone else! It was absolutely beautiful in every way. The colours, the spiral design EVERYTHING spoke to me in more ways than one. The first thing I said - when I eventually did speak - was how it was bigger than I thought, not in a physical way of course but in every other way possible. It brought me to the realization that I was always more than I ‘thought'.

This is my second Soul Necklace. I have appreciated and enjoyed the journey my old necklace had taken me on, a journey that was extremely challenging at times with a lot of parts that made me run, hide and try my best to escape whatever reality I had been living. Friendships fell apart, jobs ended but through it all …there I was. I realise what matters is who I am now in this moment. Who I choose to be and who I allow to come through this person called Gracce. One thing is for absolute certain is I am not at all the same person I was a few years ago when I first stumbled across Margaret and Dan unexpectedly. I have grown so much I don’t even recognize that person anymore.

The first day I properly wore my new necklace I had a big wake up call that lasted close to a week. Wow the timing!! After I kicked and screamed I suddenly realised the lesson I needed to learn out of this less-than-ideal situation. I relaxed, necklace in my hand. Ha, there we have it. And here I am. I see.

My soul necklace is here to remind me that I have the freedom to create the life that I want. And that is exactly what I am going to do...create a beautiful and authentic life.

Much love and gratitude to you both


Gracce Stewart

Sara Ninness Bartle,  Christchurch, New Zealand

Hello fellow light beings

My name is Sara and I am blessed with my new Soul Necklace... it's not my first, but I feel it is the one I have been most ready for.

The acceptance of this exquisite representation of my Soul-Self marks a massive shift in my journey on this earth. For lifetimes I have been in fight/flight mode, with a fragmented and lost inner self. I have been balancing on the flagstones of defense, fear, and survival, with moments of beauty and love – sadly undermined or overwhelmed by these other responses. My archived and scattered parts of myself have not been ready to integrate.

In meeting myself anew through this necklace, my guardians of old (who have been with me for eons) had a chance to finally lay down their swords. In truth it was the changing of the guard... my 'guards' swapped out for guides. My new guides herald a shift in energy and the opening for true integration of my sovereign self. I am happy to say my oldest faithfuls chose to remain, and continue to assist me. I am so grateful.

My new Soul Necklace immerses me with summer fire and the embers of autumn... the clarity of spring and the deep, abiding patience of winter. She is the dancing lady and I don't yet know her secrets; but there is time. No hiding of my true self. No need!


I am finally connected, and opening with joy.

I love the honest and skilful cohesion of form and energy in my Soul Necklace.


Stunning. Thank you.


Sara Ninness Bartle Testimonial

Dellaina Hascha,  Diamond Harbour, New Zealand

My Soul Necklace

There is a saying when the student is ready the teacher appears, and people have said this to me at times in my life. Well interestingly enough a teacher can come in the form of many things and not just a human physical form. For months I was feeling the vibration of different crystal masters calling me - after years of working with crystals - and then years of not.

It was a new calling.

One day I clearly had a vision of a blue Topaz.

I was aware Margaret works on intuition and 'reads souls' and is not influenced by the request of customers. Still I asked if she could include a blue topaz in my Soul Necklace, and - as I thought - was told no, that is not how it works!

I sat for a while to decide whether to go ahead or not. The calling continued and having known Margaret for over 20 years trusted her wisdom and clarity, so I said yes. I will let her create this for me without attachment to how I want it to be.

Wow the energy that came over those few months was like another earthquake.

A long term friendship ended, family disputes came to the fore and there were business challenges. Many clearings happened, followed by a passage of peace. Then when the necklace arrived it came with so much inspiration, I was the most productive I have been for many years, if not ever.

In those first few months of receiving the necklace (and the guidance that came through the masters plus the vibrations of those beautiful beings) I managed to relaunch and help design my new website and create, design and print over 76 affirmation cards. I was gifted with energy and instructions to gather light workers to a retreat in the South Island (NZ) and guided by galactic visitors from Sirius and Lemurian nations to clear some very ancient dark energy still affecting the people of the area. I also organised a successful spiritual tour of Europe with new energies for workshops and classes, bringing forth about another 100 people during the time of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU and the chaos in Europe.

All in all I am very grateful for the energy, power and wisdom that came from trusting the process and saying yes! I also was gifted a large blue topaz ring from my deceased mother that turned up in an old jewellery box from Europe. All in the same time!

Deep gratitude... (and I also loved the presentation box and little extra treats that came with my Soul Necklace. We all love good chocolate!)

Dellaina Hascha Almora Unlimited... and I’m even more unlimited now.

Dellaina Hascha Testimonial

 Nicky Grose,  Christchurch, NZ

Dear Margaret & Dan

I have been aware of Margaret's stunning Soul Necklace for quite some time, and I would say to Margaret "if it's meant to be it will". Then I started noticing people around me wearing one, and found it wasn't the person I noticed but their beautiful necklace that would beam out at me.

Once giving Margaret the go ahead I found the whole process very exciting and quite different. To place such trust in someone else and to allow it all to unfold felt very special... magical. When Margaret said She (my necklace) was ready to pick up I felt quite overwhelmed and nervous about receiving Her.

She was - is! - stunning!

Since wearing my necklace I have noticed an inner sense of calmness and strength in myself, feeling like I am stepping into the unknown with more confidence. The written reading that Margaret & Dan provided gave me insight as to my design and why those crystals had been chosen.

I love my Soul Necklace. Thank you so much for bringing us both together.

Thank you both; I appreciate all that you have done.

Two beautiful Souls.

Nicky xxx

Nicky Grose Testimonial

Gloria Hurst,  Oamaru, New Zealand

Dear Margaret and Dan

I am very very grateful to you both.

The Divine Timing that brought us all together.


To share….


The shift has been huge.

I’ve had time to build a good relationship with my Soul Necklace; she has become a strong companion.

I believe your reading is very accurate.

As you say…We are here to help create a better life on Planet Earth by pioneering new and better life systems through right relationship and right action!

Yee haaaaaaaaaa!


My Love and Gratitude is streaming your way.

Blessing to you both for your extraordinary beautiful work/play.

I look forward to meeting you in person one day!

Love, Gloria  XX

Te Awhina Puwhare,  Greymouth, NZ


I am in love with my Soul Necklace :)


I just re-read my reading... its amazingly sooo on point for me and what I'm working towards for myself personally and professionally.

I Truly from my Heart, Honour The Divine in you Margaret and in Dan, a team of greatness...

Thank you so much again for your time and energies, feeling so grateful that our paths connected.

Wishing you both a year of abundance in all ways :)

*LOVE*  Namaste xo

Te Awhina Puwhare

Te Awhina PouwhareTestimonial

Susan Irvine,  Canterbury


Hi Margaret

My beautiful, special delivery arrived safe & sound.

It feels very precious, like being in receipt of a sacred treasure.

I was very moved by the reading and thought it was beautiful and very real for me in so many ways. I felt acknowledged and acceptance on a number of levels and treasure the perspectives within it for development, care, expansion & nurturing for both the now and the future. Each time I have read it I get something more from it.

We had our our first ‘going public’ day together today - some amazing, very heartfelt comments & compliments about the necklace from other people - one person who was really stopped in their tracks by it, identified straight away that it was a soul necklace & your wonderful work.

The gorgeous citrine is turning on it’s sparkle for people - me included :) On a physical level, I have to say that I love the star effect of the facets and overall proportions of my topsy-turvey smokey quartz, just stunning & the peridot is so vibrant - also love the ‘chill stone’ quality it brings, and the flowing & flowering silver base is captivating.

You might enjoy this - two different people, on different occasions, have seen me when wearing my necklace & told me it’s Scottish and from Scotland! When I say no, they are very reluctant to believe me - although I can see why they might think so. Other people have grabbed it to hold it, while I’ve been wearing it! One or two people have stopped in their tracks & jaws have dropped - someone called me the Liz Taylor of the library!!! - even tho’ it’s not the Hope diamond!

With gratitude, thanks & blessings to you both

Susan Irvine  :)

Susan Irvine Testimonial

Joy Houp,  Florida, USA


My Soul Necklace. I don't want to call her that; she is me, I am she, she is far more than a necklace. She is a silver and gemstone representation of my Spirit. She dances, she vibrates, she soars. She has a mind of her own; the me I am deep within. She is breathtaking. Margaret and Dan, thank you for making it possible for me to receive your gifts. My reading was so amazing and powerful.

I vibrate on a higher level since receiving my Soul Necklace.

Thank you.


Joy Houp Testimonial

Kim Kwas,  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


Months ago I met a woman who was wearing her soul necklace. After asking, I learned about the process and details of what Soul Design does. From that moment the call began.


This has been a magical and healing journey in which Margaret and Dan offered their skills and gifts to produce a necklace that is only for me. It is specific to my life and my journey and they are completely attuned to that. I was blessed with synchronicities and affirmations in my necklace and my reading. This truly is a vehicle that aligns me more every day with the being of love and peace that I am becoming.  My necklace is magic to me.

With deep gratitude and love to Margaret and Dan.



Kim Kwas Testimonial

Melissa Davenport,  Arthurs Pass NZ

Hello there!

My soul necklace truly is an activation device and is serving as a constant reminder that this (as represented by the necklace) is who I am.

I Love It.

I feel I am developing an expanding awareness of who I am (and I am awesome!).

Your reading was beyond what I had hoped for. Everything felt right, and the insight it has provided - in conjunction with the energetic support of the necklace - has lifted me above and beyond everything I have previously been.





Melissa Davenport Testimonial

Robyn M Speed,  Canterbury, NZ

My Soul Design Necklace

How do I describe the wonder of this Soul Necklace …

I feel the energy which was behind the creation of this soul necklace every time I look at it.

Before I was gifted my necklace I was led into meditation, in preparation for the meeting, and in that meditation I felt the eternity of myself, backwards and forwards through time—and that was with the necklace just two feet away! When I finally put the necklace on, light filled every cell of my body, the power of it was almost overwhelming. I cracked open…and I have continued to crack open ever since, wide and wider. Life has fallen open…I have fallen open.

This necklace has taken me on journeys I never imagined were possible, and lead me to realisations that have changed my very understanding of life. It is a partner in whatever work I am to do—and at this stage I have absolutely no idea what that work is!

The journey began the day that wise part of me decided it was time for a soul designed necklace, and started to speak to Margaret.

I am so deeply grateful to Margaret and Dan for this very special necklace.


I am forever changed.

Namaste, my beautiful friends.


Robyn Speed Testimonial

Pauline Smith,  Taranaki, NZ

Dear Margaret and Dan,


It is with great pleasure and Honour that I write this testimonial.


While travelling around Europe I met a beautiful lady who had a soul necklace and on my return to New Zealand she sent me the link to this website. After going online and having a look I was strongly guided to have a necklace made, and what an amazing and beautiful journey it has been. Words do not do justice to the love attention to detail the care and integrity of these two most beautiful beings.


After my necklace was complete I wanted so much to meet with Margaret and collect my necklace in person. I am always guided by my heart and I am so happy I connected with these two; they are like family. It has been one of the most divine experiences and I feel so blessed, so happy. It is the most amazing part of my life and spiritual growth.

The beautiful journey continues it has been the best gift and unfolding I could ever give myself.

I would highly recommend getting a necklace.

Your soul will sing with joy and be forever thankful.

Love and light to Margaret and Dan and their beautiful creations.

Lots of love, Polly

Polly Testimonial

Dear Margaret, My necklace has arrived!!

It was so interesting; I tried getting in touch with the TNT company to arrange for a second delivery, however I did not connect with them.

I came home to the ranch at lunch time and as I pulled up the driveway, the TNT driver was about to write a note on the gate.....isn't this "synchronicity" big time?

I love the necklace - it is beautiful, and the stones are perfect for me at this time. It looks stunning. After wearing it I already feel calmer and more at ease with my unsettled life. I am so very grateful for the speedy work you have done... I really needed some help from above. My “Wild Kitty” loves to put her head on the necklace and just purrrrrs. (Normally she does not like to be picked up and held.) The new place that has manifested for us is spectacular, 360 degree view on a hilltop and it is quiet and peaceful... I know I'll be able to accomplish great things there with the horses and with my life's mission.


Love and hugs,

Anne-Marie,  California  USA

Hi Margaret and Dan, It is with fondest gratitude that I write to thank you both for the beautiful necklace you have created for me.

It is truly amazing and I LOVE it!!!


A few words of recommendation:

I totally recommend Margaret and Dan of Soul Design Ltd for the amazing creativity, wisdom and insight they bring to their work, they are truly masters of their craft.

My necklace is more beautiful than I could have imagined and everything is of the highest quality.

They were extremely professional, honest and reliable and an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Thank you so much, both of you, I wear it with joy and pleasure.


With much love and light,


Jude Bailey,  Christchurch  NZ


When I first put my Soul Necklace on after seeing you on Thursday it was like an instant supercharge. I could barely keep still; I was jumping around and fidgeting like crazy. After that initial period, it settled in well.


People talk to me a lot more. I'm usually pretty reserved with "do not approach" vibes, but wearing the necklace seems to change that right around. People approach me for all sorts of things when I'm out, which is unusual but cool. I find it much easier to speak freely instead of being so guarded and anxious about how I'm perceived. It's easier for me to be frank and say what I want (or don't) rather than get steamrolled and goaded into all sorts of directions by everyone and everything around me. It's like I'm suddenly immune to the subtle manipulations of others that I was always getting sucked into before.


On the whole it makes me feel a lot stronger and calmer, and more lively.


It's awesome!

Thanks again for everything. :D


S S,  Christchurch  NZ

Hi Margaret,

The parcel arrived in the morning and I almost went mad waiting until after work to open it!

Thank you so much for all your efforts bringing this into my life, I'm more than a little in love with my soul necklace! The reading also provided some really great insights, I think I will be pondering this for a good long while yet.

Thank you also Margaret for the time and care you have given me throughout this process. While it was nerve-wrecking at the time, receiving this is really clearing it all away to make room for nothing but excitement, energy and happiness! I feel more positive today than I have in a very long time.

Thank you and Dan once again for everything.

Much love,

Vicky Wang, Wellington NZ

 Diana Elliot  Christchurch



Dear Margaret and Dan, the shining ones.


With heartfelt thanks for lovely people in the world


Diana Elliot Testimonial

Eva Bastue-Bredal  Copenhagen Denmark

A Soul Necklace created by Dan and Margaret - these two great metaphysical gemstone artists and lightworkers


- helps your soulpeace flow through your personality ... a tool to activate your higher potential.




Eva Bastue-Bredal


Hello Margaret,

My Soul Necklace has arrived!

I have worn it and it feels really nourishing. My thymus got really warm yesterday when I was wearing it.

The necklace is truly beautiful and I love the fact that it is totally unique to me.

With much gratitude and light,

Lorraine, London  UK
Heidi Anderson Testimonial

Heidi Anderson  Christchurch

My necklace.

It is the pillar that I am.

And the peace that I now allow myself.

My purpose.

My story…. My help….

My comfort…My love….

My people….My LIFE…

My choice….My voice….

My control….My decision…

My beautiful necklace….

THANK YOU….Margaret and Dan


Hi down there!!!!
I have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my goodness I don't know where to's so incredibly beautiful. I feel like a princess with it on....only I'm torn between wearing it and staring at it....maybe I'll put a mirror up in front of my computer so I can do both...only my work colleagues will perhaps think I'm a tad strange....well stranger than they do already that is :)

I just can't thank you enough Margaret (and Dan).....the chain is so perfect too. I love Italian things and I found that so interesting it was Italian... ie I went to Italy straight after my brother died in June last year and stayed there for a month...just a year ago. We travelled a lot together in our 20's and I re-visited some of the places we had been then. I just find that so unbelievably relevant... spot on.

The necklace is just perfect. So be honest when I viewed the necklaces in your Gallery on-line I quietly was hoping it wouldn't have any sharp angles....tho I knew that whatever came would be perfect....I couldn't help that thought. I love circles and fluid shapes ....and look at it! And the free flow of silver....perfect.

I was interested too that when I put the necklace on there was a lot of pressure in my throat area (and still is) then I read about the quartz. Fascinating. Thank you for the reading, it is so where I'm at and wish to be.

Thank you again so so much. I feel I can't do it justice with words I can't say little cosmic baby!

All the very best and much love and thanks.


Linley O'Neill, Hamilton, Waikato

Janet Arthur  Christchurch


My name is Janet Arthur I am a Spiritualist Medium who lives and works mostly in Christchurch.

When I met Margaret and Dan a few years ago I loved their work and how they go about making the world a better place. I thought about ordering a Soul Necklace but it didn't seem the right time for me. Meeting up at the Mind,Body, Spirit Expo I didn't hesitate .

I ordered the necklace knowing I would meet my soul and looked forward so much to this occasion.

The day came and I sat through a guided meditation with tears gently expressing my emotions. Just absolutely beyond beauty. I felt Margaret and Dan captured my essence ... without knowing me they truly know me.

The first day I wore this beautiful creation it was commented on and I explained about the Soul of the necklace. The lovely thing was this complete stranger recognised who I was through the Soul Necklace. The more wonderful truth to come from this stranger was being able to promote my purpose in life by finding an answer for her friend through spirit. I have yet to discover all the positive changes to come through receiving this beautiful treasure into my life.

I look forward to the adventure thank you so much both Margaret and Dan for the talent and gift you have brought to me.



Janet Arthur Testimonial

Dear Margaret and Dan,

Sorry about the late reply,we were so busy with our worldly affairs I had no leisure to write to you.

But the day I got your parcel was a quiet one.

I took my time to open it. It was beautifully presented!

I read all the information first wanting to prolong the anticipation before I looked at the picture and finally opening the pretty box.

What I found was a real surprise! Not only was it much bigger then I thought, it was solid and strong and brave. Different to most of the other necklaces you got on your website.

And there on the top was the arc that fascinated me so when I was on the West Coast, (I sent you the picture because I was thinking of you and the necklace when I was there with my friends) with not one but three garnets to guide me. The powerful body of the citrine that is cut like the scales of a dragon; it  pokes through beyond its setting so it touches my skin when I wear it, and the strong tail with the fire opal propelling it along. Stunning!

(My daughter said it looked like a tadpole dragon.)

Your reading moved and amused me at the same time. I always had the feeling I did not quite belong here. I love people but find it exhausting to be with them to close up on a basic society,social level... and the 'devic' me is so sick of having to do housework! We had a few good jokes about me being a higher being but it rarely works with the children...or the husband for that matter.

Sorry, have to keep it down to earth...

But you touched my soul and said so many things that are true and encouraging. The choice of stones was surprising but they feel just right and I often catch myself playing and holding the necklace feeling the positive energy they bring.

They hit the target by being able to focus my muddled, hurt, confused, traumatized mind (unbelievable family trouble after my mum died; still ongoing),give me unconditional energy and supply support for my nervous system, meridian and back problems (had a tumor removed from my spinal cord in an 11 hour operation; they had to open up two vertebras 8 years ago and I was expected to end up in a wheelchair but I'm dancing now!).


I am bursting sometimes with frustration for seeing so much wrong in the world and the stones will guide me in my search for the lightness and beauty of being I so crave.

Life is full of challenges. We must face them bravely and learn to make the best of the short time we have here in this life. For me. the soul is the essence of what I am and can be and that which transcends this life as a unit that is uniquely me, and carries on no matter if we become a goddess, a stone or an earthworm in our next incarnation.

You have created a beautiful thing and I am in tune with it, loving all of it, the colors, the symbolism and the feel.

Thank you very much for coming into my life like this.

You have a special gift and you remind me that there is magic in this world.

Lots of love

Annette Michna-Konigstorfer, Nelson




Hi Margaret & Dan,


How am I? Well where to start? Wow!! I am amazed at the power contained in this necklace. The first day I didn't really notice much difference but something was changing from then on. Before the necklace arrived I have felt like my soul wanted to jump out of my body… a sense of excited nervous energy that just wanted to burst forth. That feeling has completely gone. My soul feels calm, at peace and happy. In addition to this I've noticed over the past couple of days that I have no aches or pains in my body. I feel stronger and healthier physically. Emotionally I am much calmer, stronger and far more inclined to accept conflict from others without letting it work me up.


So I would say my experience thus far has been a very positive one. The only downside is that I have to take it off at night…. I'd love to wear it 24/7. So thank you both, I will be in touch again soon….I still have much to discover on my journey.



Jason Hobbs, Canterbury, NZ

Hello Margaret and Dan,


My necklace arrived safely in Queenstown today!

What an absolutely fabulous necklace it is; I'm delighted with how it looks and surprisingly unsurprised with the design

(if that makes sense?!).

I can't say much else ... it's perfect and beautiful, thank you so much!

The reading was very interesting and makes a great deal of sense to me at this time, so I'll trust that the necklace will do it's job in propelling me along the right path and doing what I should be doing. Every stone seems perfect and just what I need.

Much love, and thank you so very much,

Clare, Auckland

 Rodney Bailey  Christchurch



When I met Margaret & Dan at our local Spirit & Soul festival I quickly discovered that Margaret had a message for me. In fact this message became a bit of a telling off. I was due to be reminded that I had a purpose & mission on this planet that I could not escape fulfilling. I ordered my Soul Necklace. Subsequently, Margaret made contact with me on one or two occasions & then it was time to 'meet with my Soul'.


Fortunately, I live in the same city as Margaret & Dan and in fact they are very close by. This allowed me the privilege of visiting them when it came time to pick up my necklace. Like all of us that have been part of this journey, there was excitement and trepidation.


After a beautiful Earth Heart Sky Meditation it was time to look at my Soul Necklace for the first time. I guess it could be described as one of the most emotional things I have done in this lifetime & tears flowed freely as I remembered so much of who I was, and where I was from came flooding back into my memory and overwhelmed my senses. I felt the power & strength come flowing in and I asked Margaret to put it on for the first time. Immediately it sunk into my physical body feeling totally part of me. I resonated with every stone and soaked up the beautiful energy that was Me. All of Me. All of Who I had been and am destined to become. We talked at ease and with amazing clarity and understanding of what was happening. Dan giving me wise insight into why I was here far away from my home and Margaret giving beautiful & humorous truths that I could not deny.

Thank You both Margaret & Dan. You are indeed beautiful people & truly you do an amazing job at Soul Design.


Great Love


Rodney Bailey Testimonial


Hi Margaret


Thank you soooo much - i received my necklace yesterday. I am falling in love with it more each time i look at it and and feel the power as i wear it. The reading was amazing - it clarified and confirmed a lot for me. I now feel a lot more settled and have no doubts about my direction. The two areas you refer to are my work with 2 modalities and my growth within each. I now feel so certain that i'm doing what i should be doing, and i'm assured not to concern my self with others opinions but to carry on following my heart.


I am so glad i did this and appreciate you both so much for bringing this thru.


With Love

Glenda McHale, North Island, NZ


Hello Margaret and Dan,


I am so humbled by my experience today.  "Meeting" my soul piece for the first time was spiritual. For me it was love at first sight and it's effects were instantaneous.  Since putting it on the lightness that banished all the darkness and heaviness, is still with me.  The jumble of senseless thoughts and images that were so "noisy" in my mind are silent, and the omnipresent anxiety is gone.  I am calm and serene. I have clarity of thought and peace for the first time in many, many years.  I am so thankful that I have been fortunate enough to cross paths with you.  I will keep in touch.

Much love



Juliette Jones xxxx


Wearing and loving my necklace!


I was on such a high the day that I got it and the day after that. It just all seemed to fit me. I read the reading you did at home, and then again on the way back from the Coast at Arthurs Pass in the mountains with a wonderful view. Still feeling good!


Something overnight changed and I found the next day I had fallen into a big low. Luckily you prepared me for the possibility of my life changing! I reflect now and wonder if it was the gap I felt in relation to my awesome necklace/reading, and my life at present. It took me a good month to lift myself out of it, and since then I have gained great comfort from wearing my necklace nearly every day. Now I just don’t feel right unless its with me. I feel that it centers me during difficult times, and expresses the joy I feel when times are good. I know that sounds weird for a piece of jewelry but I do feel that it is an outward expression of my soul.


I’ve had someone say it looks Celtic [I’m Scottish by birth] and another person say it looks like a scarab beetle which I though was very cool as I apparently have an Egyptian Soul Sister. I never thought I could love a necklace so much actually and the reading is very comforting, if a little confronting. Interestingly, some of the things that were said by you have been said by others. Can I also say how impressed I was overall by your professional approach to the whole experience from the lovely presentation of my necklace and reading, to the thoughtful way that it was ‘introduced’ to me.


So I thank you for the gift you’ve both brought to me. This tangible manifestation of my authentic self was a great investment that I shall treasure forever.

GD , Christchurch

Ruth Pink  Wellington


Dear Margaret and Dan

My necklace has arrived safe and sound at my work address and I brought it home so I could open it in a quiet reflective place.

I sat and looked at the necklace for a long time before I put it on ...when I put it on I have been flooded with visions of a particular prophet whom I am connected to.

It is very moving. I get it now without thinking.

Ever since I was a small girl I have loved this master – so this is very special indeed for me to have these visions and this prophet connected to this necklace.

I love that the silver is like a star and embossed with Celtic or an almost Maori design. The stones are very potent for me - particularly the tourmaline which is dazzling and radiant and the fire opal with its deep intensity of transcendent energy.

It is a very very fine piece whose beauty I feel is a gift. Thank you.


 I was also really pleased to get the reading with my soul necklace. It gave me with some deep insights into the precious qualities of the stones that were used in the necklace and about the piece as a whole. I continue to mull over the messages of the reading as they provide me with both an exciting challenge and wondrous blessing.

Thank you both for the channels of your work, for your superb crafts- person- ship and for the inspired creativity at work in the piece.


Love and blessings,



Hi Margaret


I waited until I got home that night and then went to my reading. A way more “richer"? reading than what I was expecting or wanting/ hoping / dreaming for.


Mmmm I love my necklace and chose not to wear it yesterday as it would be under my high neck - missed it all day and spent half last night planning what to wear with it today!

I felt very centered within myself today and super confident with my sales people.

Thank you for my necklace and for what's to come .....


Oh I am going to have some fun!


My Soul Necklace

by Amanda


I recently had a Soul Necklace made for me by Margaret and Dan at Soul Design. Having seen the necklaces on a couple of people, the question was definitely ‘when’ not ‘if’. Then everything started to fall into place … and I ordered what I thought was just going to be a beautiful necklace specifically designed for me. How wrong was I? Not only was it beautiful and made just for me … but it was specifically designed to help me in my personal journey!


After wearing my necklace for a week, I had already noticed big changes. I had some things arise in my life that I was really resistant to accepting. This wasn’t unusual for me but what was new was how quickly they moved. Within a few hours of recognising the resistance, I felt completely different about it … completely accepting. I had gone from being absolutely freaked out that this might even be an issue of mine to “oh yes, of course that is the way it is”. Unbelievable, and even that thought instantly becomes – not at all unbelievable, it’s just the way things are.


When I first saw my soul necklace I have to admit I was a bit disappointed. It was smaller than I expected and very uniform – the circles! My preference was for larger, eye catching, flowing pieces. Margaret explained to me that the piece was designed for what I needed spiritually, not what my ego would like to see. She mentioned that I didn’t need a large piece to act as armour and this resonated with me completely. I have bonded with my necklace and now love every inch of it.


Incidentally, I used money given to me many years ago from my grandmothers estate to purchase this necklace and today would have been her 100th Birthday! I love having the connection to her through wearing my necklace.


The stones – sphene, peridot, spessarite garnet and tanzanite – all have an individual part to play and as I read through the things they can provide support for, I realised that they were very well suited to me. I had most of the issues that were identified! The placement of the stones and the gold mixed with silver are also significant in providing exactly what I need. This necklace is really asking me to step up and be myself … something that I have been trying to do for a while. I look forward to the process and to being supported by this stunning necklace in achieving my true potential.


How do you support yourself in achieving your potential?

Doreen Hookaas  Christchurch New Zealand


My Soul Necklace brings out the best in me.

When I wear it, I feel in balance and I stand in my power.



Hey Margaret
Thank you for your email... and THANKYOU for your creation that fits my soul like a glove!  *HUGS*  I collected it yesterday (after long weekend) keeping myself in suspense!  It was opened last night with Tony my husband sitting next to me, I wanted to wait til he was by my side, and also chose yesterday which happened to be the same day we went to our friend Jennifer's funeral (celebration of her life). So yesterday was very special.

Wow wow wow!!  Tony was the first one to go "ooooohhhhh that is beautiful baby"  I love it so much the combination is very unique, just like you say, they just work so well, so harmoniously.  As I was wearing I felt a lovely cooling sensation run through my centre.. like a cleansing.  We couldn't stop admiring it, I kept running to the mirror to see it again and again lol!
I find it so interesting, it's so open minded and receptive and a higher intelligence definitely is present in there.. the little green garnet reminds of a star in a terrestrial kind of way (like Arcturian or Pleaidian) ....spelling?  it's spark catches your eye,as if you are looking up into the starry night sky, very intense and mesmerising.  The sapphire teardrop is so beautiful feminine & graceful, that 3 layered fluorite is fascinating, so mysterious like a rare event that no one can explain but has it's own intelligence going on yet works in everything else so wonderfully (I think it is a clever little gem abit like Thoth the magician/mathematician! The massive rose quartz that shimmers and vibrates outwards and also inwards like a massive divine ripple from the Universal energy of love and light, the Oneness of all and embraces all! The huge secondary heart chakra of a state of bliss and pureness.
The garnet underneath is like a cradling chakra, the "activator or enhancer" like the powerfully quiet Mother or Quan Yin energy working her charm and wisdom in an unassuming way or even the Cho Ku Rei symbol of Reiki where it lives in the base chakra resonates to red and silver.  I do not know if that makes sense to you, it just fell off my tongue!

I think judging by my excited babble of words, you can see how much I love this beautiful necklace.  It symbolises the start of my TRUE calling in this lifetime journey.  I feel very excited Margaret.  It was so lovely to be graced with your company while you were in creation of this, and you will continue always and forever be a part of this as I wear this and think of it's lovely creator :-) 

Keep in touch, and I hope we get to meet up with you if you so happen to travel up northwards in the future,

Once again thankyou thankyou thankyou *hugs*
May a golden halo of light and love always snuggle you,


Makita Helmbright, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand


Thank you for the necklace. It arrived today. Beautiful. Am doing a little dance when i received it. It just took my breath away. I cannot thank you enough.

Thank you for all that you have done, working for extra week, creating the beautiful best gift that i could have received. Wearing it makes me so much at peace and excited with the anticipation of what is to come in my life. Amazing energy.  I do Hope you all are doing fine.

I wanted to let you know, if you ever plan to come to NYC, you are more than welcome to come over and stay with me.

Take care

Smita Gandre, New Jersey, USA

Hi Margaret


My necklace is beautiful and as soon as I opened the packaging and held it in my hand I could immediately feel the heat and the energy coming out of it. Once I opened it I put it on straight away and drove home the 30min journey, by the time I got home my cheeks were flushed and I felt likeI had a lot more energy it felt amazing and still does today! I spent all of last night reading the information you sent me and I couldn't believe it everything seems spot on.

Margaret thank you ever so much, I feel that this is now the beginning of something new and I feel very positive, determined and a knowing that everything will be possible that I want to achieve. I have not been sure which direction to take and feel now I have the help

I need to decide.

Thank you

Take care

Sam Wilson, Cumbria, United Kingdom

Namaste Margaret and Dan

Thank you so much I have my Soul Necklace at home - at first I just looked and looked and looked but did not dare to touch it.The top stone Andesine held me for a long time captivated with its pale yellowish colour; it felt a like a Star entered my living room so beautifull and bright raying its light right into my heart. I expected all the stones would be blue and violet and purple because that are the colours I like to wear.


Now I have to try to understand the center stone Prasiolite with its unusual green colour and form. Because green is the colour of the Heart Chakra,I am sure it is on it's perfect place at the center of this Piece of Art, a precious Juwell I am allways going to tresure.I am very impressed that so many different colours of Sapphire would be willing to support me.


Because I am not very informed about symbology I still managed to recognize the golden "Mean" or Ratio,of course the "Circle",also the "Spiral" underneath the Prasiolite and a kind of cross that connects the Top Stone to the Center Stone. Would you please be so kind to confirm that I am right; do you see some others. My necklace seems to be glued to my body. When I received it and put it on the 11th from that day on I have hard time to get it off. So I decided to leave it on my body day and night with exception when I need a shower. Day by day I am more Selfconfident, take easily decisions, worries are expelled from my mind.


You made me very happy and joyful but now I can't hardly wait to receive my earrings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a pleasant surprise this Monday morning 30/11 DHL brought my Soul Earrings I couldn't believe my eyes; it just took 2 working days. They are just brilliant, beautiful and so elevating. I almost was sure they would have the golden ratio as the main symbol. The Prasiolite has just a reflection of green in them but intensifies in the evening; my first thought was it looks like the Andesine, the topstone of my Soulnecklace. The 2 upper little sapphires are pink but the 3 other little precious stones on both sides have all different shades and you know what it just fits together, real perfection. A very remarkable thing happend already from the start I received the earrings I go regularly to the mirror, that's something I did not do for longtime. I really can't grasp that the beauty of these Soul jewels represents the inner beauty of my Soul and that someone else see this and I ignored it for all my life.

A Zillion times Thanks to you Both, in Oneness of Heart and Soul

Ilona Klafszky, Belgium

Rae Davenport  Sefton New Zealand



"My soul necklace is a stunning piece of jewellery, an amazing work of art – and a reflection of my soul. That took some getting used to! My soul necklace and I work very well together. I am more of everything that is authentic for me. The joy of discovering my beauty and strength is off the scale. Finding my gifts and their value has been life-changing on many levels. I am eternally grateful that I took that step into the unknown with my necklace. To Margaret and Dan for having the vision and following it, thanks is nowhere near enough!"


"Why would you pay for something without seeing it? The answer is simple - TRUST and FAITH. This is a huge part of our journey although at times it is difficult as we are constantly tested. So it is with the ordering of a very special item of jewellery with significant personal power and meaning - the ordering of a Soul Necklace. I paid my deposit knowing I could put it off no longer - it felt right to get one - I trusted it was the right thing to do and the money would be there when it was needed. I waited excitedly and enjoyed the emails from Margaret keeping me up with the progress and story of my necklace coming together. The day finally came and I went to collect it. I dont totally understand why it happened like it did but am sure I will one day .. after talking with Dan and Margaret I went to "meet" my necklace. I closed my eyes for some amazing REM - I have never experienced anything like it. I opened my eyes and opened the necklace box. There was a huge outpouring of emotion - lots of tears - it was like meeting someone very very special after a long time apart - again I am sure the meaning of all this will become clear to me sometime soon and look forward to understanding it. I wear my necklace every day and at night it hangs on my Angel statue at the end of my bed - I feel it's protection. It gives me strength, power and protection throughtout the day no matter what I have to do and who I have to deal with. I feel a huge increase in my TRUST and FAITH and it is admired by everyone who sees it. I thank Margaret and Dan for the gift of something so special and can recommend putting your TRUST and FAITH in them also."


Lots of hugs from Sandy McAlpine, Christchurch, New Zealand

"Margaret Since I received my necklace I have felt so good inside. I feel as though my spirituality has been strengthened already. I look forward to my life with much joy and I know my necklace will help carry me through my path of true love. Thanks again for making this wonderful experience possible."


Ana James, Auckland, New Zealand

"Hello Margaret, you surely are psychic! I have just now received the necklace and am amazed. It seems so powerful! I have put it on, and I do love the chunkiness of it and also the grace of it. The stones are so different to what I expected. Thank you so much. I have read the information about them, and amazingly you have my birthstones – and I am sure I didn’t give you my birth date!"


Many thanks, Val, Auckland, New Zealand


"Hi Margaret! I have had sooooo many compliments and comments on my lovely necklace, it catches a lot of peoples eyes. I have been feeling so happy and content and on an even keel, its wonderful. The first spark was a memory of youthfulness, excitement and optimism; a feeling of I'm in charge of the world not the other way around, which was just lovely as you can imagine. My laughs have been rolling out, even more than usual which I'm sure will not surprise you. This beautiful soul necklace has encouraged me to support myself, to give permission to treat myself well and put myself and my well being first. I am looking after myself and I have such a core of deep, solid and unshakable (peace, calm,certainty,rightness) that was unthinkable and is now unmissable. Thank you again for my beautiful and unique necklace."


Lots of love Miranda van Zoggel, Christchurch, New Zealand


"Dan and Margaret, I received my new necklace yesterday and I couldn’t have been more pleased. It’s beautiful and I started wearing it immediately. It makes me feel like slowing down and taking a closer look. I feel calm and relaxed wearing it. I do believe now that I was ready for it. I’m still wearing the other necklace as well. I feel it compliments the new one and they both serve separate purposes for me. The older necklace seems to catch me in my older thinking and reminds me of all of my progress. The new one seems to be focusing me forward. It’s as though I’m seeing and feeling things very differently and more thoughtfully. I’m feeling that life’s little annoyances aren’t really annoyances at all. It’s all just part of being. How you know what’s going on with me and what would help me in my journey is a mystery, but people that know me remark about the positive changes in me. They also compliment the beautiful necklaces. I like to tell the story of how you made my first necklace on my birthday without actually knowing what day it was, but feeling compelled to make it on that particular day you did. I would like to mention also that I too suffered from anxiety attacks for years and have not had one since I received my first necklace. My life is in a forward motion without the fits and starts."


Philip Clark, New Jersey, United States




"Good morning to you lovely souls! Caution! Do not wear while operating heavy machinery! My first thought upon seeing the necklace was "Superman"! My second thought: my partner would say the exact same thing first off (intuition was correct!)! And in a funny way that is apt, given the properties of the individual stones as we then discussed when I picked up the necklace. Initially I was bewildered, and not entirely sure I liked it. Then I put it on! WOW! What a powerhouse. This necklace wasn't designed to match my aesthetics! There is no "fluff" to it. It is incredibly purposeful, and that is it's beauty. It was not designed for where I am at, but where I can be. Or should I say where I am but do not know it! Obviously one of the first things this necklace did was challenge my preconceptions and perceptions! There is an immense clarity this necklace brings. It opens, it clears and cleanses, it connects. The more I wear it, the more I listen to it, the more I can see just how perfect it is for me and my path. I fall in deeper in love with it every time I wear it. Always something new to discover and experience with it each new day. A shaman's necklace it most definitely is. It will be amazing to incorporate its transformative energies into my healing work, transforming me into a vessel and transmuting energies. It is SO FAR OUT THERE! It is so celestial, so stellar, pulling on energies from other planets and stars. I stare into the Lapis Lazuli as if I were gazing into the depths night sky! I love being captivated by the Prasiolite and Tsavorite, and taken on a journey where things get turned upside down and inside out! It is most definitely a tool for conscious expansion. Nothing is ever going to be the same! Thank you for this gift you have given me and for helping me on my journey! I can't believe I didn't see it myself, but when I sent photos of my Soul Necklace to my best friend, her reaction was that it was a "great big beautiful mother goddess of abundance and fertility". And now I can't stop seeing my own "Venus" in my necklace! The best part of it is that her arms curl towards the back of the pendant: She is always hugging me! Not sure if that was part of "the design"...but that's what's there! Lovin' it! And loving working with it. Already I've been able to see energies that I previously could not, and I feel more in tune with my client's energies!"


Much love to you both, Kiri Dean, Christchurch


"Hello Dan, Margaret-- I'm sorry that it took so long to get back to you. I got my necklace some time ago. I wear it every day--in fact, I feel terrible if I don't have it nearby. I decided to wait until after I'd acclimated to the necklace to respond...and to see what the stones had in mind when they awakened. The energy was enough to knock you down at arm's length when I opened it, but the second thing I noticed (aside from its beauty, and how well the setting identified my personality) was that it had not yet risen to anything close to full power and awareness. It still isn't truly awake, though it probably will be within the next two months. I was nervous when I ordered it--I didn't know what to expect. I know the stones I like, but had no idea what was most suited to me. I proclaim myself impressed: only one of the stones was what I'd expected. I never would have expected diamond to be in it--that's a stone that I've never gotten along with. The black diamond though seems to be a better fit for me. It just woke up within the past three weeks, so I haven't been able to determine its energetic purpose as an individual stone is yet. It has helped me find truths and peer into the darkness since I got it, but I also get the impression that this stone is just getting warmed up. Andesine...I'd never even heard of it, though I've always been drawn to labradorite. That stone is the one that most identify as the energy center at the present--it's got a fiery temperament, just like its color. It's the most overt stone of the lot, and can be an aggressive brat when it wants something. If you want the actual power stone of the moment, I'd pick the spinel; most don't see its strength because its energy is subtle. Not gentle by any means, just hard to detect. I think that the black diamond will start speaking up a bit more in a week or so, and ultimately the moldavite will be the ruler when it wakes. But the energetic balance is awe-inspiring. I'd expected far less; I can't tell you how good it feels to wear it. The reflection of self within the necklace is as close to perfect as I could ever have much more than I expected that I'm still astounded by it. I learn something new about myself and the world every day when I wear it, and while not all of it is good or easy to accept, it...lifts something within and without. I can't describe it better than that. I feel balanced, centered for the first time in years. My ability to discern things has gone up, as has my imagination. I feel freer than I have since I incarnated--free enough to get back to something that I was ready to give up on: writing. This necklace is beautiful, even to look at; the spiky setting fits me so well. Incisive, but sharp if you're not careful with it. But I'm more able to accept what I cannot change, seeing the world as it really is. Thank you so much for making this for me. It may well be the best investment I've ever made! I apologize again for waiting so long to get back to you...I just wanted to see what it could really do before I offered my thoughts."


Amanda Osterday Boise, Idaho, United States




"Dearest Margaret, thank you. I had no idea what my necklace would look like, and as you know, I was speechless when I opened the box and saw it. It reached out to me and I saw perfect balance. As a Libran, this has been my soul's main lesson in this lifetime - and a long hard road I've traveled to reach this place! I'm reaching it now and the elements of my beautiful necklace are enhancing this. The crescent moon is the balance between dark and light. The up stretched arms join me in balance with the heavens and God/Goddess. The downward curve of the wings with their sparkling, twinkling, lighthearted blue topaz, are the perfect balance of my male and female sides. It has a quiet, dignified, and gracious charm to it and there is great power and strength in it's clear simple form. It serves to remind me constantly that I have the assistance of Heaven and Earth in bringing my life into balance, and sharing what I have learnt with others. The beautiful star sapphire shines on me always and the composite of the whole shows me in perfect balance. As I said before, I am in love..with me..for if this is what my soul showed you as my true could I not be. I am honored to wear a necklace that has been crafted with absolute integrity and purity of purpose."


With love and gratitude, Glennis Jones, North Island New Zealand


"THE JOURNEY TO MY SOUL NECKLACE - About 12 years ago I had a dream that one day I would own an original necklace, and that it would have an amethyst in it. With each birthday and Christmas I would ask for money for the Necklace Fund.I kept searching for the necklace I desired, but to no avail.In 2004 I went to a Mind, Body, Spirit Festival and met Margaret at her Soul Design display. I knew immediately that she would be the one to make my necklace, but it took four years before I felt the time was right.I took a huge leap of faith when Margaret told me that she had no idea what the necklace would look like, what stones would be used, how long it would take to make or what the price would be. I sent a prayer up to the Universe that the necklace would be what I was looking for.When I eventually went to collect the necklace I was very emotional. When I saw it for the first time I knew I had found what I had been searching for. I held it in my hands and could immediately feel the energy radiating from it, and I felt a shift in my consciousness.Margaret related the meaning of each stone that was chosen for me through Spirit,how the stones related to my life and why I needed them for my soul's journey. She also spoke of the intuitive creative journey she took to make it. The gemstones include a golden topaz, a blue moonstone and (at last!), my amethyst. The design was very beautiful and elegant, just what I had hoped for. The cost was exactly covered by the money previously saved.I was privileged to choose the photo that would go into Margaret's portfolio of work. Since then, the energy of this necklace has been amazing. My creativity has blossomed. I am aware of changes within myself which affect all aspects of my life and I feel at a turning point and am excited about what the future holds for me.The Universe always provides what we need, when we need it.It is a privilege to know Margaret and be the recipient of this amazing necklace."


Lyn Every, Christchurch, New Zealand


"Hi Margaret, I received my necklace on Friday. It's beautiful! So far, it's been helping me out quite a bit. I suffer from seasonal affective disorder in the wintertime, and it makes me quite depressed and very irrational. Once I opened the package and touched the pendant, I felt myself slowly calming down and feeling more relaxed. I think that's what the necklace will be for until springtime, and then it will help me with other things once I am fully back to myself. The stones are very accurate, and citrine is one of my favourites. I find it very interesting that amethyst and peridot are stones of my birth sign, Virgo. I love the looping spirals on the back of the necklace. It reminds me of a unicorn's horn, which is one of my animal spirit helpers. That's probably where you got the gentle energy from. If it's on the back, I believe it means it is a hidden trait, and once I discover and embrace that, my spiritual self will literally "bloom". The front does remind me of a flower slowly opening up, but the etchings on the flower remind me of tree bark. One of my goals for this year is becoming connected to the earth, especially trees. This is what I have received from it so far. I am very thankful that we could work together, and I am very grateful that there are spiritual people out there like you who are helping people with their unique type of soul-healing."


With love and gratitude, Ericka Lewis, Canada


"Hi there Margaret I am sending you galactic sized heart hugs of thanks and love for the journey that at time takes me along side you. You are a wonderful woman one of the few who has been able to support me back to myself rather than continuing the projection of myself into them. For this I am most grateful."


Love  Emma Bickley, Auckland, New Zealand


"I ordered a necklace because I'd seen the effect of a necklace on someone else, on how Soul Design miraculously, without any information, was able to decipher what was going on with the person for whom I'd ordered the gift to potentially provide support for achieving their goals. When I determined that I was in a bit more of a muddle than I wanted to be, it seemed appropriate to also commission Margaret to interpret what I wasn't seeing clearly. The clarity with which the reasons for the choices of stone and design are presented immediately focused me. I was provided new ways to think about who I am, was and will be. I didn't initially care for the design, the stones, or the color. However, I see that initial design as an entry point to a journey. When one stone fell off, that was a sign and the new design incorporated that stone of a color and size I hadn't liked with something else, plus everything turned upside down. My state of muddle gradually gets clearer and clearer. Another benefit is that the new stone on the upside down design addresses those pesky fatty deposits. I am not saying that my necklace is actually producing weight loss but it's all about everything fitting better, isn't it? Touching one's soul is a good thing."


J M, New Jersey, United States


"Hi Margaret, When I opened the case all I could say was 'WOW'. The necklace is more than beautiful its Awesome!!!! Thank you very much from the bottom of my Heart. I've got the necklace on as I write to you and the sense of Peace I have got is wonderful compared to last week. I hope the nightmares will now go away and I sleep better. This necklace is changing my life; opening my Heart chakra. I'm more attuned to nature especially dogs and cats and other animals which is lovely. You are a shining light to us who aren't always brave enough to face the unknown. Thank you very much Crystal Angel. Sending you Lots of Love and Light."


Annette Ross. Also Love and Hugs!!! Nelson, New Zealand


"Dear Margaret I am still celebrating the rebirthing of my necklace and integrating the beauty of it. These last 12 months since I got my original Soul Necklace have been a roller coaster ride. I have shed life-times of hurts and unhelpful ways of being. As each period of chaos has surfaced and been allowed to be, my necklace has been right there with me, reassuring me, reminding me of the truth - “I am whole, complete and perfect” and together we emerge through the fires, clearer, finer more refined. Then it came, without warning, life hand me a betrayal, a seriously awful one, and the very next morning, my necklace broke!! Margaret, you were right there with me as I struggled to make meaning by changing my perception. Together we rose above the ugliness of ego gone wild to the beauty of soul. And now (the necklace was reworked)... now we are reborn my necklace and I, with strengthened trust and faith in the vast promise and potential so uniquely encapsulated in the process of Soul Design. Every new day I now celebrate life with a joy that demands to be expressed. I am at last, so very happy to be me."


Love, Wendy, Christchurch, New Zealand


"Hi, I’m Neil. I’m a 39 year old marketing consultant living in Christchurch, New Zealand. I am wearing my second soul necklace now and they are changing my life. For a long time I have felt frustrated, stifled, constricted. I’ve felt like I have a sack of poison sitting at the top of my stomach. I don’t know why it’s there or how I get rid of it. Sometimes it’s a vague sense of unease. Other times it’s unbearably uncomfortable. My thought is I am not doing what I really want to be doing but I haven’t known what it is that I really want to do. Lots of business and vocational opportunities have come my way over the years but none of them so far has felt right. Then I got my first soul necklace two months ago. I met Margaret through a marketing seminar I’d given and once she had explained what they were I knew I had to have one. Once I had committed to receiving the necklace, Margaret downloaded the message that I needed to get back in touch with my feminine side. She created a beautiful necklace with a strong feminine component. It had a Marcel Vogel blue crystal center piece. I felt silly putting it on because I thought it looked ‘girly’. However, I felt incredibly energised. I walked along the beach for 40 minutes and cried the whole way. The release was indescribable. Suddenly I felt compelled to write in the sand. I wrote 6 words; adventure, leadership, healing, teaching, environment, community. I felt they were keys to the puzzle of what I was meant to do with my life but I didn’t how I was meant to manifest them.Two weeks later my necklace broke as I was adjusting the collar of my shirt. I delivered it back to Margaret who told me it had served it’s purpose and she would make me another one if I was prepared to commit to shedding the old patterns in my life. I was afraid of stepping into the unknown but desperately wanted to be free of the poison in my stomach. So I said yes. My necklace was ready in three weeks. This one was made by Dan and it is quite remarkable. It contains the same Marcel Vogel centerpiece, held by a silver piece incorporating ‘universal geometry’. I don’t know what this means but I don’t need to. Margaret explained to me how to reprogram the Marcel Vogel crystal. I went straight out to my car and did as she had instructed me. The sense of peace I felt lasted the afternoon but the next day I was back to where I had been, in discomfort.I experienced the ‘calm’ off and on, then after a hectic time traveling around the country on business I decided to slow down and really give the necklace a chance to work. Yesterday was a warm, sunny afternoon. I was sitting on a bench in the park, shoes and shirt off, enjoying the sun, breathing and focusing internally on what was creating the ‘poison’ in my body. I started writing down the things that I resented about the people in my life. I had filled a whole page in my dairy when my cell phone started ringing. It was Margaret. She said she was simply relaying a message that the next time I was in an environment I felt safe in, I should turn my Chrystal around to allow my body to absorb the energy in that environment. I love the outdoors, so I turned the crystal around. Straight away, with absolutely clarity, I knew what I am going to do. I dislike cities. I dislike working in an office. I am going to move down to Queenstown with my family and I am going to set up a centre to help other people in their own journeys. At that moment something landed on the crown of my head. It was a leaf with a seed in it. I took this as a message for me that I had discovered the seed for my destiny. Last night I went to sleep completely at peace with myself and the world. The poison, for the time being, had gone. Today I’ve been thinking about it and it seems absurd. I have only just started focusing on my own path yet I am contemplating helping others on theirs. I guess I already do this through my business seminars and I’ve assisted many people through my marketing consultancy. It scares me because to commit to this course means I have to commit to myself and historically I haven’t been very good at doing that. However I’ve already ‘moved on’ and there is no going back. Thank you to Margaret and Dan for creating my necklaces and encouraging and supporting me to make changes in my life. The necklaces have helped me hugely so far and I get the feeling this is only just the beginning."


Neil Edmond,Christchurch, New Zealand


"Hi I'm Barbara I have been gifted with an exquisite soul necklace that I have owned for 7 weeks and I haven't once taken it off. Since wearing my stunning soul necklace I have noticed diversity in my intuition, it's immensely enhanced. My feelings are generally accurate regarding new people and situations.I'm experiencing an assortment of my new found things in life.My panic attacks have become no dilemma any more, as I have not suffered from a panic attack since wearing my soul necklace. My anger is minimising each and every day.I still have a collection of areas I wish to improve on, however this has been a warm positive step on my path and I know there are greater doors to be opened for me."


Barbara Graham, Christchurch, , New Zealand


"Oddly enough, in a way my Soul Necklace found me. I was on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring. I wanted something totally unique and out there.So I started the search in finding an individual jeweller. I found the name Soul Design in the yellow pages. It sounded perfect to me. When I phoned to talk to Margaret, I quickly discovered that she didn't design rings. But oddly I kept talking to her and something inside just clicked. It felt completely right to start talking to Margaret. As soon as she asked me if I had problems breathing, she captured my attention. I couldn't believe that she was so in tune that she could pick up on my difficulties breathing, as I am a Taurus. Whenever I'm upset or anxious my throat is the first thing affected. I just can't seem to take full breaths for long lengths of time, sometimes days. But it is not something that you can pick up by just talking to me. I was so intrigued with how in tune Margaret was with me I told her then and there that I would love to have a Soul Necklace designed by her. While I was waiting for my Soul Necklace, we had really strong winds on our crop farm, hitting a paddock that was cut and lying there waiting to be baled that was ear-marked for my engagement ring. The sale from the paddock was the money we were using for my ring. We tore off up to the paddock to see how much damage was done. All we could do was stand there and watch the crop and the fences blow in to the air. Four thousand dollars worth was gone in about half an hour. I was so devastated. There went my engagement ring. By the time we walked back to the house and got inside my partner looked at me and said “I'm so sorry babe. I don't know what to say”. I started smiling at him. “What are you grinning for?” he said. I just smiled at him and said “I think it's a sign that my Soul Necklace is supposed to take centre stage for now, and that's fine for me.” Somehow I felt that if I got this big flash ring to show off it would take the limelight from my necklace. My Soul Necklace was more gorgeous than I could have imagined. I have since got my engagement ring. But in my heart it will never mean as much to me as the necklace. I quite often forget to put my rings on when I go out. But I never leave the house without my necklace. My breathing has improved. I have started losing a lot of weight. I feel charged and in control when I'm wearing my necklace. I will never be able to thank Margaret enough."


Julia Ewans, Hawarden, New Zealand


"Sometimes for transitions to occur, a catalyst is required. In my case it has been my Soul Necklace, which has not only enabled me to grow and evolve but has evolved and changed with me. At times the journey has been quite a challenge. (Certainly not a case of putting on a necklace, sitting back and hoping the universe will hand out rewards without effort.) I have had to look within myself and peel away the layers that no longer resonate; trust in my intuition when choices/doorways of opportunity have presented themselves as if by divine timing, as well as cope with copious energy shifts, revealing the person I am now. It's amazing how I've changed and how others now perceive me – just ask my friends! Life is about following your dreams, believing in yourself and living in the NOW."


Janice Wilkes, Kaka Point, South Otago New Zealand
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