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Rock My World. Margaret Ninnes with huge Amethyst Crystal (Photoshopped LOL)

Welcome to Rock my World


In abeyance since 2019, Rock my World will be resuming in December 2023!



Rock My World is a specialised crystal finding service.

Dan van Wylich and Margaret Ninness - founders of Soul Design - are excited to introduce 'Rock My World'; a unique, specialist crystal finding service.

Margaret and Dan use their intuitive gifts to source Earth Healing Crystals from somewhere on the planet and ship them to New Zealand. In this capacity they are responding to the call of the crystal.

They also accept commissions to find that special crystal according to a client's specific needs and have them shipped to New Zealand. 

Whether for group or land work, anchoring energy, connecting light grids, global healing or other, there is a crystal somewhere on the planet able to help lift your frequency, anchor your vision and awaken a better future for all. We will find it for you.

This unique service works with New Earth energies, exclusively matching people and crystals and developing working partnerships to facilitate personal, dimensional and planetary change.

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass
Ray Davenport Amethyst

Amethyst flower  20kg

Guardian: R. D.   North Canterbury

Double Terminated Earth Healer Quartz 49kg

Guardian: Anne Moore, North Canterbury, New Zealand

Ann Moore and her beautiful Crystal
Juliet Wlliams and her Crystal

Quartz Generator with inclusions (aka Inter-Dimensional Portal!) 

on New Zealand Basalt Stand
Guardian:  Juliet Williams

Chlorite Phantom Triple Point

Resides with Guardian in New Zealand

Angelas triple point Crystal
Melissa Davenport and her beautiful huge Crystal

Female Quartz Generator 70kg

Guardian: Melissa Davenport

I love my new partnership with this awesome crystal! I look forward to spending my life with her.

She feels like an old friend.

Our work together includes healing and clearing the energy in Christchurch's red zones (uninhabitable earthquake areas) and to help raise the Earth's vibrations in whatever way we can. She supports me to shake off unnecessary beliefs and patterns to emerge into my own Truth.

It is a truly humbling and joyous thing to be a part of the awakening human community.

Thank you Margaret & Dan for sharing your talent and support.

Love, Melissa

September 2016

Angelas Smokey Quartz

Tibetan Morion Smokey Quartz

Double Terminated   9.1kg

Guardian : Angela Hastings

Generator Quartz

Lava Basalt stand  22.45kg

Angelas Generator Quartz Crystal
Janet Arthur's Amethyst

Uruguayan Amethyst cluster with Stalactites

Guardian: Janet Arthur

I was moving through a challenge of loss in my life, when I was united with this wonderful healing crystal, through Margaret and Dan. As soon as I held this amazing crystal it spoke two words to me, “Miracle Cure.” Ever since this crystal has lived with me, my guides along with the crystal, have brought more people who need healing. The first one of these people could feel a lot of heat coming up through the healing table. This crystal I love because it comes straight from Mother Earth. Carrying her energies from her to the person needing healing.

I love this crystal because like me it cannot be defined, only experienced. Dan and Margaret have deep qualities of enlightenment, which come through in their abilities, to align the crystal to the person and their purpose on an energy level. I feel very happy to have been involved in this process, aiding me in my healing connections with others, bringing more love and peace to our Mother Earth.

September 2015

Janet Arthur –Aiding others to bring healing into their lives

Janet Arthur and her Amethyst
Robyn Speed's huge Generator Quartz Crystal

Female multi-terminated Elestial Generator Crystal  24.5kg

 Guardian:  Robyn M Speed

“You understand now?  The gift I bring?

I bring you the library of all creation.”

I call this incredible crystal ‘She’ because she will reveal no other name to me.

When I met ‘She’ the incredible, tangible, power of her love with like a love-bomb going off in my chest! And to this day I feel it every time I sit before her, and when I am not sitting before her, she is within me—her energy is always with me. We are partners.

In our first meditation, she scanned my entire beingness and I almost heard her saying ‘Irrelevant….Irrelevant…Irrelevant…” as she discarded everything with me that she decided was irrelevant. It was just as well I had begun the process a few days earlier of looking at what I no longer needed or wanted in my life. ‘She’ takes no prisoners!! ‘She’ just gets on with it, and I love that about her.

My deepest thanks to Soul Design for bringing the partners together.

Much love, Robyn  xxx

June 2015

Rae and her Crystal

Female Generator Crystal  14.8kg

My crystal (I use that term loosely) has come to work with the land.

It is an Earth Healing Crystal and as such it is renewing energy structures and restoring harmony to the land and all who dwell here.

Within the first few days of its arrival I have felt supported and nourished by its flow of energy. I now feel like I am part of a team working to cleanse and purify the surrounding land on a large scale.

The flow from the crystal is like a river, a river of love and energy.

I feel as if a missing part of me has finally been returned.

I am hugely grateful to Margaret and Dan and the lengths they went to, to find this beautiful crystal that is a perfect match for the land and for me as guardian.


Love and laughter, Rae Davenport

Earth Healing Crystal 90kg

Jonny Bear – Guardian & Companion


“I heard the whisper of the ancients on the winds of time and answered their call to my destiny”

Here I sit at a loss for the words that I am asked to share with you of this great Calling. How can I with mere words speak of the Great Awakening & it’s unfolding in my life.

I came to realise a few years ago, that I was caught in a collective web of illusion & decided with awareness to break out of the “matrix” & dance through the physicality of life as the sensuous spiritual being that I am.

It was in that state of awareness that I opened to the intuitive guidance within me, this gave me a sense that I needed to contact Dan & Margaret. I had met them both at the ChCh Body, Mind Spirit festival a couple of times through my partner Sandra who has over the years, had an ever evolving soul necklace through them. This inner guidance gave me a sense that it was important that we catch up with them (I had begun to feel the presence of this beautiful being already). I was going to contact Dan the next day, when that night I got a facebook friend request & message from Dan saying we should meet up. Haha !

Shortening this story, ….and so began a series of beautiful synchronistic & affirming happenings in my life that have allowed me to honour, what I now see as my role of Guardian & Companion with this Crystal Being.

I do not wish to create a story around this Crystal as my understanding & sharing with her continues to deepen & I know that there is more to unfold. I believe that this being will help us to create and manifest our vision of a wellbeing soul centre - a place of heaven on earth. This being has many expressions- as a generator crystal, there are portals & dimensions to explore -as a communicator device, there is a universe waiting to hear our songs and for us to share theirs- as a healing facilitator & mirror to the soul, there is much benefit to the wellbeing of all - and as a beautiful divine being, there is much love and wisdom to share.

We would like to share this divine being with others & as such will create some journeying, healing and group sharing events as well as time for individuals upon request. Please feel free to contact us at or ph 022 658 1661

I cannot speak more highly of the integrity & the sacred work that Dan & Margaret do. They are truly aligned with the highest of spiritual intentions .

I would like to take this opportunity to thank them and honour them from deep within my heart.

In service to the Great Mother and all who dwell within her

Jonny Bear

October 2014

Jonny Bear and his Huge Earth Healing Quartz Crystal (90kg!)

Smokey Citrine Point

Robyn's Citrine Crystal

Guardian: Robyn M Speed

We are two flames who create a mighty fire

How do I describe how this beautiful citrine crystal came into my life?

It was via a dear friend Janine that I was drawn to this crystal. She had been to see Margaret and Dan and afterwards felt the resonance between this crystal and I. She later made the gentle suggestion that I have a look at it.

When I first saw her I knew she was special. I had never seen such a citrine crystal before. She was beautiful, elegant.

I lifted the crystal out of her stand and sat down on the couch with her. You know that feeling when you are sitting with someone you love deeply? You don’t need to say anything, you just sit there and you can feel that love? That was what it felt like to sit with this crystal. There was (is) a deep love between us.

As soon as I decided to commit to it I felt a joy in my body, and I felt a joy from the crystal. And as I walked down the driveway I received the very clear message that my life had just changed, that everything was now moving forward, and my life would open up even more. The journey had begun… There would be no going back.

The day before I was to pick the crystal up I wondered what the crystal’s name was, and immediately the name entered my mind: Eh-Quarra (Ee-qwarrah).

I collected her on the Monday, and the drive home was sacred. This was something very special I was bringing into my home. That night in our first meditation she showed me a golden Galaxy, with a single spiral, and I knew that is where I am from. In that Galaxy I was/am a leader, a mentor. I now understood that I came to Earth on a mission.

The next day I looked at her and she was emanating golden light and shot up a vertical beam, like a laser, and both the glow and the beam of light have continued ever since. She is anchoring in one consciousness, I am anchoring in another. We are—and were always meant to be—working in partnership.

Two nights later we sat in meditation together, and my golden energy twined with her golden energy, and spiralled upwards. And then we became a single white flame, and then a white fire. I understood that this is how we work together. Light poured into our white fire, and we anchored it down deep into the Earth.

This is our service to Earth, to all life upon and within her, to this Galaxy, to this Universe.

Perhaps the most breathtaking thing Eh-Quarra has told me so far is this: I am here to take you home.

Much love, Robyn

July 2014

Green Fluorite Sphere 26.6kg

Guardian: The Heartlady (Janine Savient)

Celestra: The Celestial Scribe

I had the knowing that I needed to attend the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival, but had no idea why. This has happened on two previous occasions, with each occasion bringing to me a new tool to work with.

Upon arriving there I was told by two friends to check out the ‘green beauty’ at the end of the room.

How incredible she was, I connected with her long before I actually arrived beside her. I found out from Margaret that she had already been sold, but did not feel disappointed at all; if she was meant to be mine then it would be so.

Upon leaving the festival later I got the clear message I needed to go back up to the second floor and allow activation with this beautiful crystal to happen.

It took only a few moments but was profound and I thanked Margaret and Dan for allowing this to take place.

It was within 24 hours that I got a message from Margaret letting me know that the lady who had bought the crystal had changed her mind and Margaret was getting the strong message that this beauty was meant for me.

I did not mention to Margaret that I had a strong connection with Celestra at the festival, but trusted it would all work out perfectly. Margaret got the message to make contact with me from a group of Star beings known as The Shining Ones that I am connected with. I had been expecting this green beauty for many months, but knew she would arrive when the timing was perfect for us to begin our work together.

The crystals name is ‘Celestra’, she is a solid fluorite sphere weighing 26.6 kilos and comes to me from China. To me Celestra feels definitely feminine energy. Apart from being the green heart energy, Celestra has the unique ability of being able to fold dimensions together, removing the space between and bringing ‘ALL’ to a point, to a meeting place. She is known as the ‘Celestial Scribe’ and in this meeting place created, communication happens between many beings and on many levels. These beings want to get their message out to humanity here in this 3rd dimensional reality we are currently in. They are wanting us to drop the veils we have built around ourselves so that we can see the reality of life clearly, so that we can feel the reality of love deeply and so we remember who and what we are and why we are here in these bodies having this experience called life we find ourselves in at this time.

I have deep gratitude for Margaret and Dan for bringing Celestra and myself together. I thank them both for their dedication and for the commitment they have to bring these beautiful and very powerful energies to their Guardians for the good of all humanity.

Janine Savient

December 2013

Janine and Fluorite Sphere
Melanie Mason and her White Elestial Quartz Crystal

White Elestial Quartz from Tibet: 6.8kg

Keeper of the Crystal: Melanie Mayell


As I meditate, a shape forms in the darkness. It is filled with light and slowly rotating. I enter it and sit down to meditate. As I meditate a shape forms in the darkness. The shape is complex and beautiful, and has a loving presence. I enter it and sit down to meditate. As I meditate a shape forms in the darkness. Twelve pathways of light radiate out around me and I am filled with a sense of being in complete alignment. I relax more deeply into the process and begin to meditate. Great wheels within wheels connect to the pathways. The pattern is all around me and within me.

The first time I open my eyes a beautiful jewel lies before me. It is the same shape as the one in my dream.

The second time I open my eyes an exquisite elestial crystal sits before me on a wooden throne. Again it is the exact shape of the one in my dream – but more complex.

Kathara holds the frequency for a community of divine communities. She is a cosmic connector, a world bridger, a portable system of portals to other worlds and dimensions. She sits within the heart of my world Creatrix Ltd and emanates a loving, grounding heart-beat.

A company that orchestrates divine matches between crystal beings and human beings – how magical and wonderful. I am honoured to be chosen as the ‘Keeper of the Crystal’ and mother to the Mother. I look forward to the expansion that she is ushering in on all levels.

Alchemy is not for the faint of heart or weak of spirit. Thank you Soul Design for your dedication, commitment and integrity in creating and sourcing beautiful tools to support us and propel us in the direction of our dreams.


Melanie   April 2013

Smokey Elestial Point from Tibet:  18.3kg

Rodney Bailey and his Large Elestial Smokey Quartz Crystal

Guardian: Rodney Bailey

I was picking up my new soul necklace from Soul Design - which was a profound meeting for me - when Margaret placed a very large crystal in my lap.

As I stroked it and touched the facets with my fingers, an amazing affinity with this heavy piece of Ancient Earth came into my mind and I could literally see inside of the "rock" and feel its energy. It felt very old and full of history and I saw a connection with my Reptilian Home & Family. It seemed that my new necklace was a key to unlocking some of its secrets. Call me crazy... those that know me may agree :)  We continued to discuss the affairs of the World and heard how the "rock" came into Dan & Margaret's possession. Maybe more on that later in another story.  Dan said to me "I will sell you the crystal but you must leave it here until 12/12/2012 & uplift it precisely at 12.12 pm. Of course I agreed to do so & tomorrow I will take custody of this beautiful computer ... an Earthly link to an inter-galactic & inter-universal space ship. Where it goes from here... we will see.

Rodney Bailey and his Smokey Elestial Quartz Crystal

Rose Quartz Sphere:  26.1kg

Eva Mason and her beautiful Rose Quartz Sphere

Guardian:  Eva Mason

The Universe does move in mysterious ways...

In my meditations I asked to be shown a symbol of New Earth energies now reaching our planet. I received an image of a new sun glowing in the sky. It was not golden as our sun is but rather a magnificent radiant pink.  The next day, quite out of the blue, I got a call from Margaret Ninness. She told me that she and her husband Dan van Wylich had come upon a unique crystal which they felt was meant to be with me.

I could not believe my eyes when they showed it to me. This huge sphere of rose quartz weighing over 26 kilos was an exact representation the New Earth energies I received in my meditation.

As soon as Dan carried this gigantic crystal into my living room the energy of the entire house became transformed. The lovely pink crystal—a perfect sphere—radiated warmth, unconditional love and bliss. When people meditate in its presence it opens their hearts. They experience the presence of “worlds within worlds” and receive great wisdom from being in its presence.

This crystal now stands on a base which Dan carved himself from part of an old olive tree in their garden. It is the perfect accompaniment embracing the sphere in love and peace—the two greatest gifts of New Earth energies for all of us.

I am honored to be guardian of this radiant object. I love being witness to the transformation it brings to others who come into its presence. I will always be grateful that Margaret and Dan acted on their intuition that it had to come here.

May their new venture discovering wonderful earth stones of all kinds bring joy, healing and peace to all who purchase them.

Love, Eva 

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