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Quantum Key

Quantum Torroidal Field


Quantum Key is a serious activation device, 5th generation

Soul Necklace on steroids,

expanding both inner and outer realities.

Channeled, bespoke, powerful... multi-dimensional soul exploration at your finger tips.

Aligned with your Soul’s impulse, the Quantum Key is designed to support the Soul’s presence and expression in daily life (form world) and also support inner enquiry and navigation beyond the personality... dissolving all artificial boundaries and lifting you - according to intent - beyond duality.

It is a 360 degree activation free will device, attuned to your core or highest Self.


The Quantum Key is an ascension light tool for those consciously seeking to pierce the matrix – both inner and outer. It encourages moving out of the 5 senses (so-called 3D) and local space/time by finding your own inner zero point within which to explore the quantum field.


It encourages connectivity with the electrical universe, conscious connection to the unity field/Source, and coherence within your own energetic field.


Designed for the awakening spiritual pioneer in this 'Kali Yuga' timeline on Planet Earth.



Your inner truth.

Your divine expression.

Your cosmic, Quantum Key.



Next level activation for the Sovereign Soul

Planet Earth 

Remember, Consciousness is Causal.

Know your intent.


Quantum Keys


Nicky Grose

Amethyst, green sapphire, sterling

silver, jewellers brass

Nicky G  (cont'd from Home page)

...noticeably changing my vibrational field, aligning me to a more of an expanded vivid state of awareness.  I'm able to access higher realms of consciousness, feeling more in sync with the Universe.

I'm loving the journey and so excited to rediscover my connection to all that is, feeling so blessed.

Many thanks Margaret for a beautiful alignment.

Daniel Winchester's Quantum Key

Daniel Winchester

Prasiolite, sunstone, 18k gold,

sterling silver, copper, iolite


Janet Cross

Ametrine, orange sapphire, tsavorite garnet, 18k gold, brass, sterling silver.

Quantum Key

Beautiful Soul

Prasiolite, blue sapphire, amethyst,

spessartite garnet


Allicia Beirne

Black diamond, teardrop tourmalines, blue sapphires, brass, sterling silver.

Sara Lorraine's Quantum Key

Sara Lorraine

Ametrine, peridot, copper, brass, sterling silver.

Enjoying the Nature

"Wild Grace  is the Harvest

of Surrender"

M. Ninness

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