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Ray of Light


to a sample of the historical Soul Necklace gallery, a pioneering journey into the exploration of soul presence on planet Earth. 



A sincere THANK YOU to all the 500+ beautiful souls who defied convention and trusted us to bring forth a wearable symbol of hope, expansion, and spiritual growth on their behalf, first starting in 2002.  Without this trust from complete strangers, Soul Design would never have got off the ground.  I have met myself in each and every necklace process over the past 20 odd years and am hugely humbled by the learning, upliftment and expansion this trust and courage has gifted us all.

Below I have included a sample of pics from the many hundreds archived and not published for years, if ever.

I hope you enjoy browsing - and return often at your leisure.

In deep appreciation,   Margaret


Spinning toroidal spheres in front of sun.  Photos taken mid-afternoon from our place, Chch, New Zealand

"If truth is to set you free,

it must be your own."

M. Ninness

More beautiful  souls - with no faces
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