Meet Margaret3big.jpg

Who am I?

About whom do you ask?

So ...

What am I?


I am evolving consciousness, seeking itself

in life

in this moment

in me ...

in you

A warm welcome to you! 

My name is Margaret Ninness and I am an energy channel.  My passion for consciousness, freedom of expression and creativity has morphed into a reality I can now share with the world.  My soul seeking has been intense, diverse and has consumed my life.

The past 18 years with Soul Design have been a MASSIVE spiritual accelerant for me; a powerful and humbling journey into surrender, and a coming home.   To allow consciousness in I have had to let go of the little 'me', my woundedness, and the so-called spiritual knowledge I have acquired over the past 35 years - in fact everything I thought I knew - and fully trust in the love and intelligence of the universe.  (When our ability and commitment to evolve lines up exactly with our ability to put food in the mouths of ourselves and our family, we learn in a hurry!  There is simply nowhere else to go.)


It's been a journey that has seen me go from down on my knees in tears, desperation, and surrender, to expanded states of stillness, bliss and awe - and everything in between. The solitary years of struggle in the workshop exploring the diverse language of Soul, teaching myself silver smithing, learning to produce physical soul pieces and developing this unique business model have forced me to go beyond my known limits, my known universe - and, funnily enough - beyond soul (brilliant!!!), again and again. 

I now have an internal intuitive navigator that guides my life, and I know how to stand in the fire. 

And I truly know love and joy.


When I 'work' (not sure what that is any more, lol) I seek that place of unity within where unseen worlds meet and can be made manifest. And then I strive to express this in a tangible and true way to the world or seeker. 

When I am not working, I don't seek at all.  I just seem to anchor my presence and watch what unfolds.  Endless surprises haha.  One of which is that I seem to laugh a lot!!!

I am a proud and blessed mum of three grown kids (of mixed cultures - a huge journey in itself) and am passionate about wellness, free will, sustainability, clean energy technologies and off-grid living.  Also growing things, healing, dancing, yoga, reading, walking, exploring, photography... and small and simple things. Respect for all life.

What else?  I adore my beloved husband and partner Dan. 

I feel blessed to be able to contribute in some small way to the planetary shift we are moving through, and...


I LOVE my life!

Thank you for visiting.

A big galactic hug from me to you.