SEED Pendant

a visionary tool of the future

It's called the Sacred SEED,

a cutting edge 2020 light tool.

Key focus: manifesting your Soul vision

Margaret's SEED Pendant (example only)

M seed Web.jpg

How to create your Soul song on Earth!  

Grow your vision 2020 with focused clarity and grace.


A Seed Pendant lifts the frequency of your energy system so you can engage and activate the kernel within and, like a seed, start growing your hope or vision for the future

The principle:

What is it?  A SEED pendant is a natural and logical progression from the Soul Necklace and the Portal Anchor, combining key features of both. It supports your Soul expression here on Earth in your daily life (like a Soul Necklace) and plugs you in to Source energy (Portal Anchor).

The new dimension of the SEED: 

In essence, supporting ascension ie spiritualising matter (that, my friend, would be you!).  It raises the vibration of the body so as a vehicle it is better able to use incoming accelerated light frequencies as fuel, instead of looping on old internal software programmes .  It helps shift our cells into higher frequency patterns. This expands consciousness helps create an inner platform for growth and discovery in a grounded way that you can then use to express your Soul life - both within and without. 


How does it work?

  • awakens the Soul blue print and hidden Soul potential

  • lifts the frequency of your body and activates DNA template instruction set

  • illuminates old mental and emotional patterns for clearing, offering inspiration and courage to do things differently

  • helps to transform past life encoding/echoes and chakra upgrades - into life purpose

  • is programmable (unlike the PA), so is perfect for anchoring visions

  • encourages trust in the Divine plan of your life and stability through transition

What is it made of?  

A SEED pendant comprises mixed metals ie sterling silver, jewellery brass - also known as Merlin's gold (a visual match for 14k) copper and occasionally gold.

Each Seed pendant also contains a small Earth mined/mind Seed crystal or gemstone that is attuned to

your Soul self, ethically sourced from somewhere around the globe.

Each pendant is individually channeled and hand forged in Soul Design's workshop.

Size and appearance are unique to each Soul.

How do you wear it?  Worn as a pendant. Pendants automatically come with either a snake chain or black rubber cord with bayonet clasp, 40, 45, or 50 cm, as per request.


  • $895 Total (including deposit and snake chain/ rubber cord.)

  • Deposit $300

  • All prices NZ Dollars.  Shipping extra. (Within NZ, $15 signature required courier)

SEED songs





"I have discovered the piece I didn't know was missing, or it discovered me or I am becoming my own potential or SOMETHING!  Evolution is unfolding all at once inside me and I feel profoundly... restructured, like a time release mechanism that has just been triggered.  All my past struggles and endeavours were for this phase transition I am experiencing - now I can't even feel those memories.  They are disappearing.  Higher energies of love, ease and freedom are readily available within us; we can simply focus on them, and they begin to flow through our entire being.  Beauty is everywhere and touches me profoundly.  It all spontaneously activated and came together with my SEED process.

I guess everything is just words until we can witness for real the unfolding of creation, and realise that we are blessed to be a part of it.  That in fact... we are it."