Wherever you live and whatever your personal circumstances, we wish you a

New Year full of clarity and hope. 

Let's stay conscious, courageous and connected throughout 2022.

Love and blessings, Margaret and Dan

November newsletter

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Spring time


...has been warm and verdant here in Christchurch,


full of surprises (!) and now summer is just around the corner.   Recently a beautiful sunny day exploded into a thunder storm with heavy rain, big hail and a mini tornado!  Afterwards the sun shone, the puddles dried out and the storm clouds swept away leaving a blazing blue sky and some buildings without roofs.

If this somewhat mirrors your spiritual life, here are a few suggestions for juicing up the good stuff and balancing your inner reality with your outer daily life... support to help you  ride the turbulence and maintain a deep spring of well being:

Multi Wave Oscillator

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MWO: They are now available to purchase, delivered to your door anywhere in the world - at the best global price. 

To Buy:


Our MWO (above) is available to book for 30 min or 1hr treatment sessions.  We have had some fantastic results over the years and recommend it as a 'one stop feel good shop' and as a powerful body, mind, spirit, healing activator.


Please note:  We offer a private healing space which is not run as a clinic.   MWO treatment is not suitable for those with epilepsy, a pacemaker or who are pregnant.



What is it and what does it do?

The Multi Wave Oscillator  - called an MWO (or to us, zapper) - is a harmonising energy source.  It floods the cells of the body with an electromagnetic charge, optimising healthy functioning.  The EMF field (generated by a proven Tesla/Lakhovsky coil innovation) is in sync with the frequencies of healthy cells and encourages realignment and health, rather than killing microorganisms.  Any cells damaged, not correctly arranged or in the wrong order, are first slowed down by the EMF field and then encouraged to move and vibrate in the correct order.


Outcome:  Unique to each individual.  Medical conditions are supported and improve, health is boosted and spiritual connectivity or meditation can occur effortlessly.  It is a true blessing for tiredness and stress as well as chronic illness... in short, a fast and enjoyable way to get your whole system up to speed - and to detox.  People leave the zapper room invigorated, rejuvenated and inspired, with a radiant aura and a big smile.

Contact us - we'd love to hear from you.


To learn more:

To Buy:

To Try:  (03) 388-9659 or email

Rock my World

Our world was rocked recently when our latest crystal import was stopped after Customs clearance, by MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries) who decided the lacquered wooden tree base could be a potential bio security threat!  Who knew? Options given were to return, treat or destroy!! 


Treatment?  Well.  It was returned to Customs before disappearing into the hands of a third party for an 'unspecified amount of time' - reappearing 4 weeks later, intact - invoiced, looking exactly the same but presumably without any unwanted invisible passengers.  Rules for moving stuff (and ourselves) across borders seem to be ever changing.  The very beautiful crystal though is happily installed in its new home in North Canterbury, working deeply with its new guardian to align with the accelerating light frequencies currently bombarding Earth.

Portal Anchor - 1st Birthday! 

Yay!!!  (but where did the year go, lol?!)

To celebrate the first year birthday and dynamic expansion of PAs we are offering free shipping anywhere in the world for all orders placed before 12 December 2019.

Alternatively - for locals who choose to pick up - a free MWO treatment session is offered at a time that suits.

portal wall

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Soul Necklace

The Soul Necklace impulse is upgrading and realigning itself ready for 2020, fifteen years after inception.  Who knows what this will look like for you?!  Certainly the power and inspiration is there. If you have been considering a new necklace to align your emerging self - or to ground, activate or explore another aspect of your soul work, now might be the perfect time to support that expansion:

Alternatively you are welcome to contact Margaret directly:

Let us take a moment...

We experience about 20,000

breath cycles a day:

inhale, exhale, pause.

This is the gift of life.  Let us lay down our burdens and simply be.  Take refuge in the completion of the exhale, the silence and emptiness of the natural pause. 

This is our 'moment'...

nothing to buy, no new tricks to learn.

Margaret and Dan Nov 2019 cropped small.

May you transition through

Christmas and the holidays to 2020 with ease and grace.

Blessings and love to you and yours this season. 

See you in the New Year! 

Margaret and Dan