an inner revolution

Galactic Key

The Galactic Key magnetises and melds your spiritual pathways  into One.

One life, all possibiity.

Boundaries dissolve, 'stories' disappear...the heart opens.

Reality is Reborn.

It is time to open source the universe!

Are you ready?

With love and grace

...turn the Key.

What is a Galactic Key?


The Galactic Key is a next level inner navigation tool, unique to each of us.

Hold the universe in the palm of your hand! 

The Galactic Key brings together the principles used in the Soul Necklace (supporting the Soul in the form world),  Portal Anchor (plugging into Source energy) and Seed Pendant (manifesting your Soul vision), and creates a whole new level of possibility and  innovation.  It can be likened to a wearable energy navigator/astrolabe.  As always with Soul Design, it is channeled and crafted by hand specifically for your Soul Self.


Physically: As a new light tool, it is a fusion piece comprising gemstones and mixed metal.


Energetically it has the potential to meld your evolutionary pathways and timelines into one new whole, dissolving the walls between separate states and/or dimensions of reality.  This frees you from being bound to past patterns, programmes and beliefs.  You have the choice to explore (your inner reality) moment to moment, if you have the courage and awareness to do so.  By witnessing your own thoughts, emotions and personality functioning, you are supported to unfold spiritually - in truth-  thereby changing and expanding the place  ie state/consciousness, from which you experience life. 

This is the principle of transfiguration.

A Galactic Key is an arrival, not a short cut.


It is a 'free will' reality game changer - if you are ready.

The game is to ditch the game, completely:

...your own, other peoples', society's, the global centralisation of power (whatever you are playing with)

so your truth can shine through.

In this way your actions, aligned, amplify your truth.

Galactic Keys  (owned)

Marg GK.jpg

​"My Key is so cool...

wearing it is like blasting forward into life on a rocket ship! 


Shiny, Christchurch

"With my Galactic Key I can live from my heart with confidence. The key to trusting myself is knowing I am connected to Source and have exactly what I need.  Staying centred feels SO good! Yay!

I'm loving this, thank you Margaret".


Kathleen xx  Canterbury

First Galactic Key flying around the world!


Margaret!  Omg omg omg it’s arrived - a day earlier as well than I thought.

It’s beautiful I LOVE it... sooo unusual as well.

I felt it go straight to my heart when I opened the box and wanted to cry - happy tears of an overwhelming feeling of love.

I can’t stop looking at it or holding in my hand, we’re just going to sit together and get to know each other at the moment.

Thank you sooooo much xxxx

Sending you lots of Love Light and Blessings xxxxx


Jhiseer, UK, April 2021

tired of the dream spell? 

Quantum bust your inner reality with a Galactic key.


How it Happened


Alone in my still, personal contemplation cave during lockdown, I waited for the shift.  Momentum was building... but for what?  When guidance finally came, I just did it.  I cut up my Soul Necklace  (and yes ,I loved that necklace!) and just let the pieces sit. 

Crazy person.  Nothing else happened.


Weeks later I cut my portal from its ring shank, and soldered it onto my Seed pendant. I had a new Thing.

What had I done? I had no clue.  More time passed (faith is a good friend), watching, waiting, and then I finally got it.  I got myself - except I no longer identified with that Self - and how I had come full circle to meet myself by throwing away everything I thought I knew.  Including my beloved Soul Necklace!   Flippin heck!  I was in the grand finale, dancing as an observer. 


Key pieces of my Soul Necklace threw themselves into a major reconfiguration with my Portal Thing, reality shifted and voila!  It was over (and it was just beginning, lol). 

The first Galactic Key had arrived. 

My apprenticeship as a spiritual alchemist was complete.  In a heartbeat.  Don't ask me how.  It just was.

Finally I am free to not follow my own path of any description because my path no longer exists.

I am free.


Ready?  Here's how:


  • Make your Galactic Key deposit by emailing Margaret for account details for internet banking.

  • Wait (updates will be sent)... open up... receive... celebrate!

Galactic Key Q&A

Q:  How much do they cost? 

A:  NZ$1500, deposit $500.  Courier within NZ is $15 signature required.

Q:  Do you still make them from upgraded Soul Necklaces?

A:   Sorry, not now.  That was my starting point when the impulse first  arrived.

Q:  What's the difference between a Galactic Key and a Soul Necklace?

A:  A Soul Necklace supports your soul expression in the world ie it consolidates alignment and expands your Presence.  It has an outward flow.  Physically it is made from stirling silver and features large gemstone/s.

A Galactic Key is  all about inner navigation and ultimately, unity consciousness.  It encourages dissolving and letting go rather than building. Physically it comprises different metals, smaller gemstones and a higher frequency design.


Q:  How do I know which one to choose?

A:  You'll know - smile - or you are not ready.

Q:  How long does it take to make?

A:  Approx two to three weeks once gemstones have been sourced (not counting waiting list). You'll be told when physical work starts.  Each journey is unique and driven by the soul of the seeker.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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