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As of June 2021, Portal Anchors are no longer available to order and can now be considered limited edition pieces.

The Portal Anchor impulse has merged into the new Galactic Key:  

Portal Anchors

Your Portal Anchor opens a connection to the

wellspring of the universe.

Your Soul spark steps forward into a new moment,

inviting healing and realignment.

Together these serve a binary function to access the universe

more deeply

with you at its heart


Personal Portal Anchors

Designed as pendant or ring

Stand alone Portal Anchors

Designed with base

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Rae Lrg 1

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Want to awaken?  Free yourself from the disharmonic matrix.


A Portal Anchor focuses and expands your soul's reach by creating a direct connection into Source energy.  It does this via your inner access point, node, or portal.

The principle:

What is it?  A Portal Anchor (PA) is a channeled hand crafted disc, unique to you, designed to stabilise your cosmic 'on-line' experience.  It is like a new tech energy key, connecting your inner being to your own galactic portal.  This opens up your connection to the multiverse.  It is an easy to use 'free will' device containing your specific energetic signature.  It has limitless applications and all possibility. 


How does it work?

  • brings a sense of connectedness and joy to your inner being

  • presents/aligns you for healing/resolution in present time, as all timelines become one

  • funnels Source energy in or can be used like a cosmic GPS as you head out, depending on your focus

  • connects the soul to meaningful life, as and where the soul seeks it

  • other things - yet to be discovered! - by you, the spiritual pioneer

What is it made of?  A standard PA (Portal Anchor) is 2.5cm and is made of mixed metals ie sterling silver, jewellery brass - also known as Merlin's gold (a visual match for 14k) copper and occasionally gold.

Portal Praise

"I have two PA pendants that work together really well.  The first brings the energy of joy. 

The Joy of the Journey is vital when things are getting heavy and I need to be reminded: Joy! When I wear this pendant and I am talking to people I find I connect straight into Source, joyously!  Wisdom flows with ease.  Energy flows with and I can tangibly feel that energy flowing through me.

The other pendant... ahhh... now here's the one that kicked off massive things:  This pendant is Eternal Expansion... and I cannot even express how much expansion has happened in the space of time I have had this pendant (6 months perhaps).  Cosmic connections, acceptance of powerful parts of who I am that have risen!

Joy reminds me to be light and grace filled and gentle and happy and joyous, and to enjoy the journey no matter what it is.

Eternal Expansion reminds me that I must be that in order to fulfil a role.

I have also come to the realisation that in the days ahead - and present - my Soul Design PA announces who I am, and in the battle those who see it will recognise the imprint, the signature, and they will remember who I am.  The Portal Anchor pendants, they are to keep me light and joyous on the journey, but the Eternal Expansion is vital, for in that, I touch ALL and can affect all... I am touching all lives this Soul has lived and is living, and all of ME/I is coming forth into these moments."  Robyn S

"I am very blessed. Margaret handcrafted the most stunningly beautiful Portal Anchors for me, specifically attuned to the energies of my sanctuary and home.  They greatly amplify the healing energies present and create the most peaceful and harmonious atmosphere."   Eva M

"Just wanna say I LOOOVE my PA pendant!"  Brenda K

"From the moment I put my PA on, I felt open, honoured and alive!  My path has been sharpened and redefined!  I'm experiencing change and clarity with lots of support as required.

Humble and grateful."  Gloria H x

"These Portal Anchors (I have a land and personal PA) are a real game changer, that's for sure. 

I have stepped into incredible clarity, flow and connectedness."  Rae D

"I love my Portal Anchor ring.  It activates my energy to flow in rhythm and harmony  and harnesses my innate chi.  It facilitates shifts on all levels of my being."  Linda D

"Thanks to my PA ring I now have a stable energy support system - for the first time as an empath - allowing for multi-dimensional healing and integration. 

I have never felt so connected and alive!"  Sara NB

"I find that my stand alone Portal - so beautifully crafted by Margaret - is a wonderful instrument to assist in my healing practice.  It dramatically speeds up the healing and often expands it to encompass the whole body.  Quite magical indeed.  Love it!"  Peter H


"I continue to be on-line 24/7 ever since I portalled my first Portal Anchor - or it portalled me! - at the end of 2018.  I had no clue what I had created.  With only observation and direct experience to guide me, it has been the most expansive, joyful ride of my life as the impulse has taken over and is now offered to all."