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Night Scene

Quantum Key

pinnacle of soul jewellery

This Is Our Story

20 years ago Soul Design pioneered the world's first inner alignment tool (masquerading as signature jewellery):

the Soul Necklace.  The Soul Necklace was our foundation product, a spiritual revolution.  Made in our small workshop in Christchurch New Zealand, they were channeled, forged in fire, hand crafted and sent around the world.  Bespoke for each soul.  Life changing.


NOW more than 500+ Soul Necklace journeys and three developmental stages later, soul silversmith Margaret has ceased making the original Soul Necklace and is focusing on this new cutting edge version. Introducing the Quantum Key, 5th Generation Soul Necklace,  360 degree activation for spiritual warriors and freedom seekers alike.

Serious about lifting your game?

Here's where we share our roots...  and here's how you can do it.

From our hearts to yours.

What Makes Us Special

Soul Centred Approach

Margaret and Dan have 77 years  experience in energy work between them.


Each soul piece channeled and handcrafted in our own workshop from start to finish.

Custom Cut Gemstones

Ethically sourced, untreated, ultra high frequency gemstones.



Soul Silversmith

Dan van Wylich

Life scientist;  watcher

Dan van Wylich's Soul Necklace

A window in Time

Dan van Wylich. The Way.

One-ness Teachings

Sara Lorraine

Straight from the Heart

Margaret Ninness sitting in a Multi Wave Oscillator (MWO)

Multi-Wave Oscillator

Crystal Salt
Rock my World
Boutique Crystal Finding Service
Beautiful huge  Amethyst


Green Landscape

I'm totally in love with my Soul piece (Quantum Key).

It's like a part of me has returned home and a new powerful best friend has come into my life.  It has far exceeded any expectations I had and I feel we're only just beginning to feel into the power we have together... watch out world, we are on our way!

Janet Cross
Daniel Winchester and his Quantum Key necklace.

“She (my Quantum Key) is so precious.

I just absoutely adore her.”

Daniel Winchester

Mountains in Clouds
Nicky Grose and her Quantum Key necklace.

“Stunning, amazing and life changing!

My Quantum Key carries a forceful energy that's uplifting and..."  more


It's like I've stepped into a cosmic slip stream and it's flowing through me.

My connections are clearer, stronger... limitless.

I'm in love with my Key.

           Sara Lorraine
Sara Lorraine and her Quantum Key necklace.

“Your field and your bio-suit are your real estate.
Be sovereign."

Margaret Ninness

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