The first Soul Necklace


THE FIRST SOUL NECKLACE was inspired by the dream of a friend. "Can you make me a special necklace I have seen in my dream?", was the request. "I want it for your wedding."

A week later, out popped a beaded necklace that we had never seen the likes of. We called it the 'Chandelier'. A fierce woman with a gift for healing and a wild personality, Kay launched into a journey that was astonishing, even to us. She wore it everywhere. At home alone, she wore it in her dressing gown after a shower. At 2.00am on sleepless nights, she would get dressed and go to the BP station for coffee wearing - you guessed it - her chandelier. She noticed that when she wore it, she changed state. She also noticed that when she spoke to other people (wearing her necklace) other people went into an altered state. The name changed from Chandelier to Working Necklace. The effect on herself and others was extraordinary. We watched, fascinated.

A year or two later I had a call from the States. "Can I have a necklace like Kay's? was the request. She had seen a photo. "Absolutely not" was my reply. Confusion ensued on both sides. "Why not?" she persisted. I was thrown. "Because it is her" I answered. "Then make me one that is ME" came the reply! So I did. In flooded information about her physiology, her vibratory 'mix' and her core energy. I intuited the appropriate colours and gemstones, and threaded up her necklace. So far so good.

Two months later, I had another phone call, this time from Kentucky. A friend of the friend. The impulse was becoming active.  This time, however, everything came unstuck. The centre piece chosen made me feel physically sick. I had my head down the toilet, nauseous and gagging. I tried changing the centre stone for another, but each time I did the necklace energy collapsed, and it felt like a normal beaded necklace. It was go with it, or give the whole thing up. I threaded it together, said a prayer to the 'universe of positive outcomes', and sent it off. A month went by ... I heard nothing.

I had to ring America and ask the woman if she had received her necklace, yet to be paid for.  She was FURIOUS. "Why didn't you finish it?  You didn't finish it!" ... yelling at me at the top of her voice. Apparently it arrived in a broken box, still pinned but in separate pieces. The jump rings were intact, but not joined together. Unreal. And, as mentioned, unpaid for. All very odd. I felt sick again. This time with fear. And she had real quality issues about always receiving a substandard deal from life.  The magic was over for me before it had even started. I told her to send it back. It arrived, and she was exactly right. The necklace was meticulously pinned in the crushed jewellery box; not connected together. Not a good look. And not a good sign, I thought at the time. I was stunned. I rang her up. "I have to ask ... what's your day job?". "I'm an anesthetist" came the voice down the line.

Woah!!!!! Time stopped. A huge tidal wave of energy smashed into me and swallowed me up. I was dizzy, sweaty, terrified. Somebody who separated people from their consciousness as a day job, had just received their necklace in carefully separate pieces. What was going on?

I rethreaded the whole thing, added some beads for protection and bought a beautiful NZ wood and paua inlaid box (in case she didn't like the necklace). The parcel went off. Heart in mouth... I waited.

Meantime, this woman had gone into a major healing crises and had had to stop work. Her reality imploded.  Weeks went by. With help she opened up and accessed some hidden childhood wounds, faced what was there and started to heal. She was embracing her life consciously for the first time ever and was back at work when her necklace turned up for the second time.  She was like a different person! She sent me a beautiful thank you card (which touched me deeply) with full payment and as far as I know she and her necklace lived happily ever after.

Phew! Life as I knew it had changed. I started beading these special necklaces part time (still selling crystals as a day job) and trying to decide what to call them... "soul reflected necklaces" ... "soul INFUSED necklaces" and so on, until the day when someone rang and asked for a Soul Necklace. And so it began.