What is a Soul Necklace?


A Soul Necklace is an energy device created specifically for you, designed to activate spiritual awakening.

It does this by helping dissolve illusion (attachment to personality and global programming) and strengthening your inner alignment.  Each Soul Necklace is unique and hand crafted for each individual.  After 12 years of making Soul Necklaces, Soul Design has recently upgraded their design and function.  Previously, a Soul Necklace was designed to promote spiritual development and healing.  The shift is one of consciousness. Soul Necklaces are now carrying the energy of awakening and healing on a far deeper level.

This shift is due to the awakening and expanding awareness of Margaret and Dan. Soul Necklaces are cosmic awakeners, layered with healing, activation energies and sacred geometry for spiritual pioneers.  As such they work for the collective as well as the individual, awakening consciousness (through energetic fusion, vibrational activation, colour and design) in those they meet.  This helps to peel away illusion and supports free will... aiding in the letting go of the 'person', or personality. These soul pieces are designed for beings who are consciously making a difference in the lives of themselves and others and choosing to wake up.

All soul pieces are channeled and hand crafted from start to finish in Soul Design's workshop in Christchurch, New Zealand and are unique in design, energy and purpose. The Soul Necklace process is one of integrity and awareness at each step. 

The first Soul Necklace ... read more

Soul Necklaces are freedom devices (or inter-dimensional light tools, activators ... call them what you will) which create a new matrix for the individual, helping you 'live stream' in present time.  This in turn sets up a new resonance or vibration throughout the galaxy, helping humanity and the Earth make the shift into greater awareness and connection with all life.

How We Work


Making a Soul Necklace is a deep and life changing process.

Margaret and Dan start this process in their roles as energy channels, holding alignment with your soul energy as the impulse unfolds.

Next is the physical part, when they use their creative skills to become your silversmithing 'hands of light'.


This specialised fusion process is what creates your Soul Necklace.




The Soul Necklace process


7 steps to your own soul necklace:

1.  Deposit received.
2.  We read your soul and receive your energy blueprint.
3.  Your gemstones are sourced from different countries around the world.
4.  The design is channeled by Margaret and a quote (includes gemstones, silver, labour, and shipping costs) is sent to you.
5.  The hand crafting ie silversmithing, takes place.
6.  Your reading is channeled.
7.  Completion, photos, pick-up or courier.






Soul Necklaces are priced between NZ$12-1300  - including deposit.

Shipping within NZ:   NZ$15.00 signature required. 

Shipping globally:   NZ$120.00 with TNT Couriers.

(NB: Jewellery is regarded as a high risk item and courier companies charge accordingly.)  

Shipping and reading costs will be added to final payment and sent to you with the quote (see no. 4 above). 





Each Soul Necklace comes with its own Soul Necklace reading, $80A reading describes what sort of being you are and what your soul necklace has come here to do.  It details the sacred design, the gemstones, their relationship to each other and how their energies work in relation to you Beautifully presented.



All Soul Necklace materials are of the highest quality and gemstones are carefully selected.

We have a commitment to excellence that we proudly stand behind and our workmanship and integrity is guaranteed.




CLICK HERE to order your Soul Necklace... the journey begins! 




We guarantee our work for one year after completion, providing your necklace has been looked after.


How to Care for your Soul Necklace


Keep it protected in its presentation box when not in use. Avoid swimming, showering or spa-ing in your necklace as chlorine can cause damage to some gemstones and precious metals. Sleeping in your soul necklace is NOT recommended. Sporting activities require common sense, as do all other physical activities. Check prongs regularly for any sign of loosening or weakness through wear and tear. Treat it with TLC at all times.


How to Clean your Soul Necklace (Physically)


When your necklace tarnishes, polish gently with a silver cloth. (Silver polishing cloths are available from some supermarkets.) Cleaning gemstones with dishwashing liquid strips away grime and keeps them sparkling. A soft toothbrush is great for reaching nooks and crannies around faceted stones.

Home Recipe:

Place jewellery to be cleaned in an aluminium baking tray, add equal meassures bicarbonate soda (baking soda), salt and dishwashing liquid and cover with warm water

Leave for 5-10 minutes

Remove, rinse and dry with a soft cloth.  Magic

(NB: not suitable for pearls, opals, turquoise or any other porous material.)


How to Cleanse your Soul Necklace (Energetically)


To cleanse your Soul Necklace energetically, the following Marcel Vogel technique is fast and effective:

1.  Connect to the earth and Source/universal energy; allow yourself to enter a state of presence or inner alignment. 

2.  Hold the Soul Necklace in front of your face as you inhale through your nose. (This structures the oxygen ready for programming.) While holding the breath, focus and think/visualise a cleansing light. 


3.  Direct a forced exhale of the programmed breath through your nostrils (like sneezing) and straight through the gemstones. This will dissipate any undesirable energy or programmes that may have accumulated. Repeat if unsure, or if you have multiple stones. 

4.  Your Soul Necklace is now cleansed and ready to work, radiating to its highest potential. If wearing daily, a weekly cleanse is recommended or more frequently if going through intense change.


Happy housekeeping!