Who am I?

About whom do you ask?

So ...

What am I?


I am evolving consciousness, seeking itself

In life

In this moment

in You.







A warm welcome to you! 

My name is Margaret and I am an energy channel whose passion for consciousness and creativity has morphed into making unique soul jewellery.

My soul seeking has been intense, diverse and has consumed my life.

Past:  In an effort to meet myself I have tried many things ... discipline through martial arts (running a Shorinji Kempo dojo), deep healing in rehab for co-dependency (5 months pregnant with my first child) and hoping to heal others through Holistic Counselling. Consumed by fear and a compulsive date with destiny, on I raced.  I trained in esoteric healing, thinking the masters might show me the 'true path' to freedom (haha), owned a fish supply business to help my then husband find his, sourced and sold crystals in an attempt to make a living in the New Age, and unexpectedly found integration and joy in performance tribal belly dance with Kiwi Iwi.  It all dissolved in 2004 as I listened with an aching heart to a new impulse that had no clear name or face ... waiting, waiting, waiting for the unseen universe to flow into form and finally make sense of my life.  And finally, it did.

I create one-off soul pieces that are powerful, organic and alive. These pieces are original and authentic to each wearer, designed to activate your inner being and to help create true alignment within your inner self.

These past 12 years with Soul Design have been a most powerful and humbling journey into wholeness and service; one that has forced me to let go of so-called spiritual 'knowledge' I have acquired over the past 29 years and trust in the love and intelligence of the universe.  This journey has seen me go from down on my knees in tears, desperation, and surrender, to an expanded state of stillness and bliss and everything in between (mostly everything in between!). The solitary years of struggle in my workshop learning the abstract language of soul and trying to product physical 'soul pieces' has forced me to go beyond my limits and actually beyond soul, again and again, seeking that place of unity within where unseen worlds can meet and be made manifest.  To my huge surprise I have become a silver smith along the way.  I believe Soul Design's 'activation freedom devices' or 'inner alignment tools' speak to the heart and soul of both wearer and watcher.  I learn by opening up to my inner being and inter-galactic healing team, creating a clear communication space or hub in present soul time, and giving form to the inspiration and direction I receive.  The impulse is then downloaded onto the soldering block.

This conscious energy approach is our signature, clearly seen in the multi-dimensional symbology and unconventional designs of the Soul Necklace; directly experienced as a shift in consciousness.

The first Soul Necklace ... read more

I trained in jewellery design in Christchurch New Zealand in 2003 (after 20 odd years of exploring energy in a variety of ways) but am primarily a hands-on learner.  The impulse to create light tools and energy devices simply picked me up, shook me and swept me away. I have never known the rules for silver smithing, so haven't believed in its limitations and didn't know what I could and couldn't do. I started out with no money and no tools (well that's not quite true because I had a pair of bent nose pliers) a newly blended family and a fire in my soul to find something that was a true expression of this being I am.  I had no real idea how to go about it.  I believe though that anything is possible when energy meets need in present time; when there is willingness to let go and trust so a shift can occur. The outcome of my inner alchemy resulted in the birth of Soul Design in 2004 when the urge to help awaken souls through a 'vibrational' business took over.  It continues to be the evolutionary driver in my life. 

I am a proud mum of three grown children combining Danish, Maori and Kiwi Pakeha backgrounds, and am passionate about sustainability, clean energy technologies and off-grid living.

In 2008 I was joined by my husband Dan, who brings his European background, galactic memory and design flair to add an extra dimension to Soul Design work. We are exploring life together both personally and professionally with the purpose of awakening consciousness in ourselves and others.  Now we are excited (and relieved!) to have thrown out all our old belief systems to be part of global awakening and claiming free will on Planet Earth.