My name is Margaret Ninness.

Here's a quick snapshot of how we came to be:

I  founded Soul Design® Ltd in 2004. It was a natural progression of my previous creative ventures Crystal Visions (1994) and Crystal Art (2002).  In 2008 I was joined by my husband Dan van Wylich, who brought extra depth and spiritual teachings - The Way - to the mix. The company's revolutionary product is the Soul Necklace; unique soul pieces hand crafted specifically for the wearer.  In 2013 Soul Design expanded this concept to include Rock My World. 

And here is what we do:

Rock My World is the world's first specialist crystal finding service.  We source large Earth Healing Crystals and connect them with guardians to create new partnerships for conscious change.   For enquiries please contact sales@souldesign.co.nz

Soul Necklaces are high frequency, inner alignment tools.  They are hand crafted in Soul Design's workshop in Christchurch, New Zealand. Unique in both design and energy, each piece expresses a soul light on Planet Earth.

Soul Necklaces are an intense, exciting and often surprising journey which involves a soul connection with the client whilst the piece is being created, regardless of where you live in the world. A conscious, inter-dimensional space is created by myself through which the soul can express itself, and this is the beginning of the process to physically manifest a one-off soul piece. This process acknowledges the role of the soul (higher self) in the energy shift we are experiencing - as a starting point anyway - and the need to source energy afresh in each moment to release old patterns and beliefs from the past and claim a neutral free-will space, or inner sovereignty.  It is time to get off the harvest wheel and release the karmic cycle.

All custom jewellery and group pieces created by Soul Design are high frequency activators.

They awaken consciousness in the wearer, the user and the perceiver for the highest good of all.

Dan and I have spent 32 and 29 years respectively exploring different healing modalities. Our beliefs and past approaches to life and healing have dissolved, replaced by a new sense of freedom through awakening and aligning with zero point consciousness or source energy.  My physical hands-on silversmithing has been an apprenticeship continued over the past 12 years on the job in Soul Design's workshop; an exciting path of growth and expansion.


The Way introduces awakening through the Path of Active Neutrality, an inward approach to discovering your truth and living a conscious life.

Soul Design truly is authentic in both process and product,  creating three different, dynamic paths to help you change your life.

Feel the call?  We would love to hear from you!