Frequently asked questions


Can I buy any of the necklaces in the Gallery?

No, the Soul Necklaces featured in the gallery already belong to somebody.  Each Soul Necklace is unique.  You can have your own Soul Necklace made especially for you.

Do you need to meet me?

No, we read souls. The Soul Necklace is a tool to align you with your soul.  Your Soul reveals to us how it wants the necklace made.

How do you read my soul?

It is a gift we share, supported by years of training and experience.  

Do you want my star sign?

No, it is better if the soul impulse is allowed to come through without any interpretation.

Can I choose the gemstones?

Your personality cannot choose.  The Soul/Higher self chooses.

Can I sell the necklace?

It is your tool.  You are free to use it however you want... but really, would you sell your soul?

What happens when I die?

People have been buried with their Soul necklace. But again, it is your Soul Necklace. Tune in and find the right way for you and share it with your nearest and dearest.

Can I sleep in my Soul Necklace?

They are not designed for sleeping in.  Also it is not recommended as the body needs to rest without extra energy pressure.

What will it do for me?

It will help you live a more aware life.

How and how often do I cleanse my Soul Necklace?

How: The fastest way is using a Marcel Vogel techique using your breath.  We also stock crystal cleanse sprays for instant energy cleansing and revitalisation.

How often:  Gemstones are like computer chips, constantly storing and amplifying energy.  It is smart to cleanse unwanted energy regularly, and 'regularly' depends on your energetic state and what happens when wearing your necklace.  If you are going through constant change and experiencing stress, at least once a week.  For crisis times, a daily cleanse will optimise your soul necklace's ability to work its magic on your behalf.  Be your own authority and guide always.  Each soul necklace comes with a care card and simple instructions.

How do I physically clean it?

Each Soul Necklace comes with a silver cleaning cloth.  A soft toothbrush and lukewarm soapy water is suitable for removing grime and creating sparkle for most gemstones.

Does anybody not like their Soul Necklace?

Only people who are genuinely ready to embrace more of their soul's truth enter into this process, therefore the external form is not the point of reference. The form is only a vessel for the energy.  A soul necklace is an invitation to explore a personal sacred journey which is experienced and translated solely by the wearer.  Many people break down and cry when they first meet their soul necklace as it holds beauty, colour, symbology or a feel that resonates deep within their core.